Monday, August 25, 2008

Sick Talk

I hate being sick. I hate sitting (lying) around doing nothing. It drives me crazy, but when you don't feel good and you know you shouldn't leave your house and you're hiding out because the rug cleaner guys are here for like the four hundredth time this year because your little tiny dumb dog (as opposed to your big dumb dog) has the oh so annoying habit of peeing in the kids rooms there is not much to do. Let me say this, if night time tv sucks daytime tv trumps it in spades. I seriously do not know what people who watch tv during the day watch. Even with all those cable channels and on demand, I was almost reduced to watching something called Run's House and then I gave myself a good shake and just turned the tv off. So here I am. Complaining to whoever wants to listen. Although Marc had whatever this annoying stomach virus is this weekend and informed me it's a 24 hour one I'm going to go with the glass is half full approach and hope we can cut that down to about a fourth. I need to feel better so when the DHL guy brings me my new blackberry I can go get it programmed. That's my plan. Yes, my new blackberry cause my old one got stolen by one of the charming people at the concert Friday night. So that's fun. There you have it, still no pictures, I'm sick, my dogs suck, my blackberry got stolen but besides that, it's all good. Okay, let's put the positive spin on it or I'm gonna feel like Debbie Downer, the pictures, I assume will be here when they get here, soon, hopefully, I'm getting better, not worse, so that's good, although my dogs are a pain, I do have the most awesome rug cleaner guy ever, Marc got the insurance on my phone when he bought it so that's not as awful as it could be. And as a little icing on the cake my one friend Kirsten who has been gone the whole month of July will be home soon and my other friend Kirsten who I haven't seen in over two years cause she lives in a far off place called Wisconson (which btw I could identify on a map, like Azerbaijan and Estonia). And if that's not the best I'm thinking Fay has left my internet buddies alone, I'm talking to you Meredith and Amy Elle Q!


Lula! said...

I came here to see if you'd posted (more) about Kid. And then discovered that you are having a Very. Bad. Day.

I'm sorry.

You need to be reading. Would that help? What new crack can we find for you? I just started the Outlander series, and I've got The Time Traveler's Wife to read soon after. Go on You Tube and watch Twilight always makes me happy, at least.

Meredith said...

AWWW cyber hugs to my "World of Tron" (see carolynonline for details) friend. Sick sucks and stomach sick is the worst.

WHY oh WHY do dogs always pee in the kids rooms? They just do.

The best part about the blackberry is that it's really easy to switch to your new one. I should know I lose them often:)

BTW - if you get a message with some 'video' from me on FACEBOOK - do not open it's a nasty virus that is eating my pc as we speak. Someone sent it to me, tried to open, and it sent to everyone i know. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Fell better baby and I think you beautiful even when your sick.


heather said...

Hope you feel better Amy!!! Mickey's a jerk off..

Simple Answer said...

Your sentiments on day time TV couldn't be any truer!

Hmmmm. So your bright spot is your carpet cleaner guy. I do hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

feel better, amy. i hate being sick, too. when you are used to being the capable person around these parts, it is tough being the one to lie around. and i agree with the daytime television. if it's not a kid show (no more!!!!!!!!!!) or some really bad talk show, ya got nothing. i think i hide out on the couch just waiting for strength and normalcy to return. and pray for peace and quiet. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Aimeepalooza said...

I hope you feel better! Being sick sucks and you are allowed to wallow in it a for my dirty Runs House! LOL!

Anonymous said...

i hate to gloat(or did i mean love....?) but it was at the concert of sirblahblah that your precious blackberry was stolen. maybe you should think again about the fan club you are in!
maybe you should write on my wall, "i won't like kid rock, i won't like kid rock....i won't try to sneak his lousy music on a cd at ba's house"

Meredith said...

I hope you feel better soon, my poor baby.

P.S. Are you really in a fan club? Have you lost your teeth (I mean marbles)?

Love, Mom

Amy with the mud covered escalade said...

Now we are waiting on Gustav. Who makes up these dumbtard names? Ugh. Feel better soon. Gut rot sucks. xoxo

cIII said...

Daytime TV should be punishment for shoplifting. Seriously. They should put you in a cell and force you to watch re-runs of Mamma's Family.
Feel better.

twist said...

Aww, I'm flattered to be part of a glass half full and I hope you're feeling much better today. Why don't you see if you can work out some kind of barter arrangement with the cleaner guy? Small black and white shag rug instead of cash? Win, win, if you ask me. Can't wait to see you and catch up. Learned a new trick I think you'll appreciate, and it's not even's a wild blueberry mojito - yum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!
Personally, I love Run's House. Good family values. Plus, he and Kid are total buds. Oh well. Tomato/Toemahtoe........Love you anyway!