Sunday, August 3, 2008


On Thursday we went to the new Steven Starrs restaurant, Parc. Strangely familiar, in fact a lot like NYC's Balthazaar. Really fun though, gorgeous night, we sat outside and chatted and people watched.

Steve, Me, Lisa, Sue and Lorna
Having so much fun that Sue called her very funny and understanding husband and made him take the train down and meet us so she could get her party on and not have to drive

So he did. He likes to try and one up me in the sketchy parenting category. I think he has me beat, I am admitting defeat. They have a 12 yr. old and for years when she was younger and someone would ask what he does, the answer was, "His job is to keep me off the pole." So twisted. I can't top that.
All in all, a fun night. Like I said, if you've been to Balthazaar, this will look very familiar to you. Nice to have in the city.
Anonymous, are you working on backstage still??? I know you're reading this. I'm still feeling it.


Anonymous said...

I am... Stay tuned

Sarah said...

Let me live vicariously through you.

Once again... I long for the day when I get to ditch the mommy sweats and get to hang with the cool kids.

Sue Jacquette said...

okay amy, i'm just back from a week at the beach and catching up.... is he really beating you on the sketchy parenting? he has no tattoos or piercings and i read somewhere that that's a sure sign of a bad parent... (of course i have a body peircing and a tattoo, but we're talking about jason here).

Amy said...

Oh, he's beating me all right, make no mistake. The pole trumps piercings any day of the week.