Friday, January 4, 2008

Can You Feel It???

Waking up for school is never easy. Everyone's so tired. They need chill time in the morning, especially Chase, just time to sit and stare for a few minutes before he has to deal with the day. They would love if I would let them turn on the tv and space, but there is no tv in the morning in our house. However, music is a must. It is rare that you walk into our house and there is not music playing somewhere. Sometimes I think when they grow up their childhood will seem like one really long soundtrack. Which isn't really a bad thing, I don't think. So, every morning, in an effort to get them moving I ask them what they want to listen to. They usually just stare at me from their seats at the counter like either they can see right through me or I am possibly from another planet. I persist though, "Come on, what do you need to hear today?? Somebody, give me something." Usually it is Saige that will finally throw me a bone. "How about Love Like This?" Okay, now we got something going. Every once in a while Chase will pick and it is usually Akon's "Blame it on Me" or Akon and Snoop Dog singing "I Wanna Love You", both perfectly acceptable morning songs in our house. So, after I finally get somebody to pick something I try to get them moving. This is not easy on a school day. If Chase dances he wants to have one arm around my back and hold my other hand and in the morning it is very rare if he will do this. He has got to be well rested. I can get Saige going sometimes though and she will all out crazy dance, jumping up and down with her arms swinging, a cardio workout. To try and get them going I say, "Come on, can you feel it?" Which even if they won't dance, makes them laugh. That's all that counts right?

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Brother Chris said...

Did you ever get struck in the face with a Pop-Eyed Egg while you were doing this? Just wondering.