Monday, January 21, 2008

Chase and The Library Lady

Do you remember that epidsode of Friends that we found out that Ross made out with the library lady? Don't worry, that's not what happened with Chase. At least I hope not. I am kidding. Of course not, that's disgusting. K. Here's what happened, well, let me say first that last night we went out to dinner with Marc's Uncle Michael, Aunt Susan and cousin Amanda and Marc told this story, so it is coming second hand, but I remember it. Let me also say I will be dreaming about the seared ahi tuna at Buddakan for a long time coming, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, Marc get's home from work the other night and he's hanging with Chase making this bridge out of popsicle sticks for a science project they like the third grade parents to do every year. Just for a little fun. I know because last year I built Saige's. As they are burning their fingers on the glue gun Chase says to Marc, "Hey Dad, guess what? I've got an in at the library?" "Huh?" Marc says, "What do you mean an in?" "You know, Dad, like you always have them leave your car in front wherever we go, I get special treatment." Where could this be going? Marc says, "How do you get special treatment Chase, I'm not following." Chase says, "Well the library lady really likes me, so whenever I go in she finds all the books I need for me." Marc is silent for a moment, taking this in. Chase adds in, "And she knows I like sharks, so whenever a new shark book comes in she sets it aside. Nobody gets those shark books before me." While he told this story everyone was laughing. I was thinking to myself, either this is really funny or really disturbing. Since I try to be as positive a person as I can be I am going to go with funny and be thankful that, A. Chase visits the library at all, because let's face it, academics are not his top priority right now. and B. because of A. a little charisma can't be a bad thing, can it?

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jake B. said... ur such a good boy reading those books.u should put that on a commercial.u better watch out that u dont get too close to her.