Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chase's Candy-Final Chapter

Okay, this is the last I will write about the stupid Halloween candy. Anyway, the neverending story of the candy, so Marc reads my posting and dimes me out to Chase. Well really bribes him. "You're busted dude, Mommy know's where that candy is. If you give me something good, not some beat piece you don't want, maybe I can talk her out of throwing it away." My poor baby Chase has to part with some of his precious candy. Then yesterday Chase comes up to me and whispers in my ear, "I re-hid it Mom, you'll never find it." Can you believe him? The nerve. He obviously isn't aware that I have found every Christmas present I have ever got throughout my entire life, but it's cool. Let him think that. Then when it's gone it will be a surprise for him. I just ignored it, thinking, fine, fine. So this morning I notice some Starburst wrappers and a lollipop stick on Marc's nighttable. I say, "I see you worked some more out of him." Marc, still sleeping, mumbles, "Um hmm. He hid it again." "Where is it?" I demand. Marc will not fess up because then his supplier will be out of junk and how will he get his fix? I leave him and go into Chase's room. Now every morning when I wake up Chase it is the same thing. He has his eyes closed and he puts one arm up for me to lie down with him and he hugs me. Really, some day, some girl is going to be really lucky. Anyway, we're snuggling and I say quietly, "Tell me where the candy is Chase, make it easy on yourself." He says, "No, you'll take it again and throw it away." "You can't be trusted though." I say. "Yes, I can." he says. Really? Okay. If you say so. So here I go, "You promise, only one piece a day? And you'll brush 3 times." "Yes." he said as he held up his pinkie for a pinkie promise. So see, I had to let him keep it, he pinkie promised me.

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Sarah said...

The boy has always loved his candy..
Love the new heading.