Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Flight Out

We got up at 4:45 to get ready and get to the airport for our 7:00 flight. Everything went smoothly we got on the plane at 6:45 and then things stopped. Apparently there were engine problems. Scary. I hate when they say engine problems. I guess it's better when they say it and you are still on the ground and not spiraling downwards out of the sky. So I got busy, by 7:20 I had read a magazine, txted a couple friends, talked to Saige, listened to Chase's science report (which I swear he was not reading to me, just making it up as he was going along, but whatever), tried to call my Mom and then I was bored. I also tend to fidget in seats when I am not comfortable. I shift, sit on one foot, then on another, turn to one side, sit on both feet, I can be really annoying. I remember one time my brother Mark and I were at this Broadway show and it was really boring me. I was moving around so much that I must have been bugging the hell out of the people behind me. Finally Mark turned to me and said, "What the *#^+@ is wrong with you? Cut it out!" Which of course made me start to laugh and then we ended up leaving.
So anyway, we realize our plane is not going anywhere anytime soon. There was Marc in the aisle, then me, then this guy. The guy seemed nice enough but I was really wishing he would go away because I wanted that window seat. After an hour went by the steward comes up and tells the guy they are switching him to another plane because he is not going to make his connection to Seattle. I mumbled some, "Oh bummer. Good luck." but I was thinking, See ya! So he leaves, I get up and go to the bathroom and when I come back Marc is sitting in the window seat. Um, okay, get out. I just stare at him in disbelief. He's like, "What?" I say, "Move, that is so my seat." So he moved. At this point I got out my IPod and lied down on those two seats and I was so so so happy. Two hours of just lying there, listening to my music, thinking about what I did yesterday, what I might do tomorrow and there was not another thing in the world I could possibly need to do. No phone ringing, no laundry, no picking up kids, no errands, no taking out the dogs, no nothing. It was lovely. I really have to say I was so content I almost felt sorry for everyone who wasn't lying right there right then. Our plane finally left three hours late. No big deal, at least it was all fixed and ready to go. We got here safely. So what is my moral? Why am I rambling on about this? Hmmm..... I guess make sure you have good tunes and good thoughts on you at all times.

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Meredith said...

It sounds like life handed you a few lemons, and you made lemonade. Good for you. Have fun. Sorry about missing your call the other morning; I must have been outside. . .or somewhere. Dad and I are taking dinner over tonight and looking forward to seeing the kids.