Monday, January 7, 2008

Dr. Dave

I have a very good friend Lisa, who is a lot like me. Very liberal, very to the left, does yoga, whole nine yards. Her husband, Dave, is a bit more conservative. We love him, he is great fun, but just more conservative. The other night the kids and I were at their house having dinner and hanging out with Lisa and her three boys. Lisa and I were in the kitchen talking and Dave came home from work. So we were chatting, somehow the subject of kids hair came up. Their son Ethan, who is mentioned in this blog a lot as one of Chase's buddies has kind of shaggy hair. Dave does not like it at all. He wants them to have short, neat looking hair. So of course I had to say, "Dave, you must have had a problem with Chase then, seeing as not only is his ear pierced (since he was 5) but he had a mohawk for quite a while there." Dave looked at me and said in all seriousness, "Amy, if I didn't know you guys, I wouldn't let Ethan play with him." To which I replied, "Yeah, that's how we keep out the riff raff."

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