Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sundance Day One

So we got here in Utah and rode down to Park City. We walked around a little bit and then came to the house that we are staying in to get showers and get ready to go out. This house is totally killer and when I get home I will post pictures of it. It has a media room, endless bedrooms, a gym, a pool table room, it's really cool. All the people staying here are involved in making the movie, the director, the ad people, the photographer, the producers, etc.....
First we went to this bar/restaurant called The Black House where HBO was having a dinner for all the people and friends who made the movie. It was nice. Then we went to the premiere of the movie The Black List, it was amazing. It is beautifully shot by this amazing photograher Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, some of the interviews include, Toni Morrison, Chris Rock, Colin Powell, P. Diddy, Al Sharpton (who was actually really cool, gave you a whole new perspective on him). There were many others and each one was unique and interesting in it's own way. It was really such a huge treat to be able to go.

After the premiere we went back to The Black House because HBO was having a party for everyone. It was really fun. There was great music, tons of people. I met Tommy Davidson. He was in In Living Color and a whole bunch of other tv shows and movies. All in all it was really fun.

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other Amy said...

Helloooo Newman

I must say, you look beautiful, as usual!! I can tell by the look on Tommy's face that he wanted you, but he will have to take a number or stand in line with everyone else, no special privileges!