Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh No He Didn't

Okay so there was more to the Chase and his Halloween candy story. A long time ago, if you keep up, I took his candy and hid it. He worked it out of me though. Made me feel really guilty about taking it. I fessed up and with a lot of promises of him only eating one piece a day I gave it back. Stupid, I know. But come on, it's Chase. I do whatever he says. So things seemed to be going well for a while. I never saw a wrapper. Never saw him eating any of it. Truthfully I forgot all about it. Then one day a week or so ago I saw the telltale Skittles wrapper. Hmm.... Where is that candy? I let it go though, thinking maybe he had got them at a birthday party or something. Then a couple days after that there were Tootsie roll wrappers on the side of his bed near the wall. Now this is what I don't understand. Why would he not just throw the wrappers in the trashcan? It makes no sense to me. Trying to hide the candy from Mom? Show me how smart you are. Have I taught you nothing? So I started looking for it again. I found the bag in his drawer. Once again, I took it. I mean't to bring it downstairs and put it outside in the trashcan but I got busy and left it hanging on the top of the staircase. Totally forgot about it. Well a few days go by and I remember that I had taken it. It is not on the stairs anymore. Chase has not said one word about it. So a couple days ago I say, "How's that candy working out for you Chase?" He totally ignored me, like I had said nothing. Just walked away. I let it happen. I thought, maybe he's not ready to talk about it yet. Yes, I am aware I let this child get away with murder. Whatever. So, today I go in his room to wake him up for school. He had closed his shades the night before. I walk over to the window to open them and behind his tv cabinet is all his candy. Bag gone. Just spread out where he can reach whatever his little heart desires. I guess he showed me. Fixed my little red wagon.

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