Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Flight Home

First of all, for all of those of you who are e mailing me, I did not see anymore celebrities, if I did I did not recognize them. When we were walking around it was snowing, people had on hats and glasses for god's sake and I really forgot to look as I was to intent on shopping. I'm sorry. I am saying that in the voice that one of my kids does when they are not really sorry, just aggravated that I am annoyed with them. "I'm SORRY!" Can we go on now?
So since I shared the thrilling story of our flight out I thought I would share the mildly funny story of our flight home. So Marc and I were in different aisles. I guess I didn't confirm and we got to the airport really late (as anyone who has traveled with us knows is our habit) and so we got switched out of the seats I booked and reseated into beat seats. I was between this older guy with his earphones and suduko book and a girl who looked to be in her early thirties. She immediately closed her eyes. Now I am not afraid to fly, anymore. Since the death flight I was on a long time ago I have been reassured by my tarot card reader (that's what I said) that I will never die on an airplane. Let me tell you, people flying with me love to hear this. Anyway, before she told me that for a long time I was always afraid and would have to take a little valium so I didn't go into full on panic attack. I haven't had to take one for a while but I keep them handy just in case. So as I was between two strangers, neither who seemed to want to pay any attention to me and a very bumpy take-off I quickly reached in my bag and chewed one up. Meanwhile, the girl, who's name is Nicole finally opened her eyes and noticed that I was looking a little shaky. She was really nice and talked to me the whole time we were going up through the wind. Then the valium kicked in. So I politely said I was tired and closed my eyes. That's the last thing I remember until Nicole was literally pulling me off suduko guys lap. I had fallen asleep and apparently really drifted off into his personal space. She was laughing as she was like, in a little whisper, "Amy, I think you should move over a little." Whoops. I woke up then. It was a very bumpy flight. Nicole chatted the whole time though. Home safe now. Todays lesson. If you take a valium, make sure there's a friend around.

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Amanda said...

haha -- thats hysterical!!
miss you xoxo