Friday, January 16, 2009

25 Things

Cause my truth post was to much and because I am waiting to make a phone call I'm just hanging out here at the computer wasting a couple minutes.
Christy facebooked this to me. I like this game. There is a time when you couldn't have paid me to write this on my blog. That ship has pretty much sailed now. Plus, I like you all to do it too, even if just for yourself. I am counting on at least one brother to play along. Tell me something too.
25 Things About Me
1. I was on a death flight once
2. I was scared to fly for years and had to take Valium
3. I'm not scared anymore
4. I would rather live by the ocean than anywhere, I still can't figure out why I haven't
5. I like running like I like breathing
6. I can eat the same thing everyday for months on end
7. I sing out of tune but I don't care
8. I don't hold grudges or onto anger
9. I am self confident
10. I love the people in my life unconditionally
11. I am somewhat competitive
12. I believe in past lives
13. I do not believe in hell, but totally in karma
14. I have little interest in organized religion but consider myself very spiritual
15. I have the highest hopes for our country
16. I always wanted a sister but I wouldn't trade my brothers for 10 of them
17. I take vitamins religiously
18. I am a total creature of habit in my habits
19. The smallest thing can make me bizarrely happy
20. My best friend since I was three is having her first baby soon and I am so excited
21. I cannot stand to hear sad things about animals
22. I used to hate cold weather, now it doesn't really bother me
23. I wish on stars
24. I believe you need to say sorry if you have hopes of forgiveness
25. I believe life is a self fulfilling prophecy. So I try to be the most positive person I can be.


Amy said...

I love this. I wish you lived closer. You know I live close to the beach... just throwing it out there.

Sue Jacquette said...

I'll post mine on my blog today! BTW, I could have the same list except for 1, 2, 5, 16, 20, 22 and 23. So Lale is on the way?! So exciting, can you pass along pictures to me?

Simple Answer said...

I love lists that show insights like this!

Christy said...

Thank you so much for doing this--I love these things too! It's great to learn things about someone that you might never get around to talking about for I have so many questions though.

#4--totally! I haven't b/c I can't afford to spend a bazillion dollars on a house.

#10--how do you accomplish that with anyone other than your kids??

#12 &13 &14 &15--me too

Sometime I want to hear about the "death flight"

You're awesome! I like you more all the time.

jami~ said...

i love these lists, amy.
and i am still learning about you, after all this time.
love that, too

The Family Julz said...

I love these. Love that last one about life being a self-fulfilling prophecy - this has proven itself true over and over in my years!