Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harder Than I Thought

Well, my little idea was kinda hard. So much so that I haven't gotten a chance to do it yet. And I knew some of you weren't going to listen, I had three people say to me yesterday, "Amy, I didn't know any of the songs on your list." That was not my celebrity play list. Pay attention! :)
Narrowing down a lifetimes worth of music into a playlist is almost impossible. It's kind of like you have to pick a theme, songs I grew up with, male artists, female artists, current year, songs with favorite lines in it, before the year 2000, the possibilities are endless. I could do a list of remakes. So, I need a little more time. Until then I think I will post the three people (that's three, the rest of you are lazy, you know who you are too!) who humored me and posted a list. I have to put Amy's first because she labeled herself, "Amy, who has no limits." Her monikers just about make my day every day.
Amy who knows no limits said...

Ok, YOU didn't leave "whys" by your picks... (they were not my picks favorite "other Amy") I'm not sure I can pull this one out of thin air, but I'll try.

1. No Quarter- Led Zepplin... me. my husband. beer. hot sex.
2. Sunshine Daydream- Grateful Dead... me. acid. Dead Lot 1994. good times.
3. Anything by The Cramps... stealing gas on a cross country road trip. sleeping in abandoned buildings, LA
4. Anna's Song- Simon and Garfunkel... upstate NY, Joe, wishing I was home.
5. Greyhound Bus- Sara Evans... makes me think of how much I've changed since having kids.
6. Woman's Work- Kate Bush... Highschool
7. Such Great Heights- The Postal Service... just love it.
8. 99 Problems-JayZ... cause I'm hard like that.
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana... gives me butterflies and makes me feel uneasy like I felt all through highschool.
10. Waiting Room- fugazi... the freaking jam.
11. Music-311.. the whole album. Mushrooms, Andrew, 61 mustang, Fudpuckers.

Oh man, I could do this all damn day Amy!

This is what I'm talking about. All damn day long. :)

Kathy (another one of my favorite commenters)

The first 5 that came to my mind. I'm sure there are others but these give me warmth, smiles, laughter, tears and comfort.

5.One Love - Bob Marley (Puts me in a happy place - especially in the winter)

4. Lola - the Kinks
(Reminds me of a time, a place and a person)

3. Build Me Up, Buttercup - The Foundations
(Great times at The Den with the DGs)

2. Blessed - Elton John
(A parent's prayer)

1. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
(Raw and pure faith, hope, and light in times of total darkness)

And Lula, my music partner in crime
I have a playlist titled, "In My Life," and it has about 30 of my most favorite songs in the history of the world. But I won't list all 30+ songs here. Just a few...since you asked.

Lula's Celebrity Playlist

1. Bye-Bye Blackbird--Joe Cocker.
My all-time favorite song in the history of the world. The desperation in his voice just slays me.

2. Martha My Dear--The Beatles.
It just makes me happy...every single time.

3. Songbird--Fleetwood Mac.
It's a hauntingly beautiful lullaby. Proof that there is such a thing as the perfect song.

4. Comfort You--Van Morrison.
I lie prostrate at his feet and offer thanks to God for Van's existence. It's hard to pick a favorite from his roster of greatness, but I do believe this is mine.

5. Kashmir--Led Zeppelin.
One of the best-produced songs's a masterpiece. I could (and often do!) listen to Zeppelin, non-stop, for days at a time.

6. Baby Workout--Jackie Wilson.
I cannot not dance when I hear this. Jackie Wilson was the heart & soul of Motown. This song is a party set to music.

7. Song for the Asking--Simon & Garfunkel.
Lyrical geniuses. If I were on a deserted island, I'd happily survive if I had their's poetry.

8. Consume Me--dc Talk.
My heart's cry.

9. Oh, Atlanta--Alison Krauss & Union Station.
Her voice transcends description. Plus this song makes me long for home. I love my Georgia!

10. May Fly--Terry Reid.
The voice of my generation--the early 70's. I rank him right next to Nick Drake, Van Morrison, and Jeff Buckley as my favorite male artists. Everything he's recorded is amazing.

11. River Deep, Mountain High--Tina Turner.
The greatest example of Phil Spector's famed "Wall of Sound" style of production. There's not a single thing I don't love about this glorious song.

12. Sowing the Seeds of Love--Tears for Fears.
Another tune I love because of production value. It sounds as if it should've been on The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's, if Sgt. Pepper came out in the late-80's, that is.

13. Ghost--Indigo Girls.
A story told through poetry that just happens to be in the form of music and lyrics. Every single word is perfection.

So get thinking. I'm talking to you. You!


Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

I tend to download albums, so I may not be of help. But in general I'd say you need some Pogues, some Talking Heads, some Wilco, and some Bright Eyes.

Bright Eyes has a song that is so damn naive and hopeful it brings tears to my eyes: This is the First Day of My Life.

Christy said...

I'm one of the lazy ones...I know! I need some time to think about this--there's WAAAY too many to choose from!

Lazy Heather said...

Yes I'm lazy too! I know you're talking to me as well Amy. You even gave me the heads up the night before. Too many songs, too little time. I'll get working though. I promise I'll bust out the Michael Jackson jacket and pose for a pic for you though!

twist said...

ohmygod. Today was going to be the day I made my comeback. But the's just too much.

Lula! said...

Oh dear, you posted my lame ramblings... glad I didn't put Gordon Lightfoot on my list!

Suzy said...

Amy! Here you go- I have hundreds of favorite songs- too many to list but here are 25 that are my staple -favs of all time!

Sade- Anything by her! :”Couldn’t Love you More”, Kiss of Life, War of the Hearts, Sweetest Taboo..

Ben Harper “ Steal my Kisses from You” – Perfect pick me up

Bonnie Raitt: “Angel from Montgomery- Live w/John Prine” – She is one of Americas best singers ever!

The Allman Brothers “Melissa”- Something pure sweet and American

Bob Marley – Anything ! One of my favs- “Could you be Loved”

Beastie Boys: “Root Down” – I loved the 80’s!

The Neville Brothers “ Amazing Grace – live” Aaron lifts me up!

Eric Clapton: “Over the Rainbow-Live”- perfect.

Paul Simon “Learn how to Fall”-

Damian Marley “There For you”- Great lyrics abut family & friends

12. Diana Ross” Im Coming Out”

13. The Commodores “Brick House”- Yes I am!

14) Bruce Springsteen “Secret Garden” – Just love it..

15) Muddy Waters- “Champagne & Reefer- Need I say more?

16. Ray Charles- Georgia on My Mind”
17. Otis Redding “ Try a little Tenderness” Ive been a fan of Otis since Animal house and Pretty in Pink.

18.) The Eagles “Tequila Sunrise”

19.Tribe Called Quest “Bonita Applebum

20.Erykah Badu – “Tyrone”- the live version” Oh yea sista!

21 .Grateful Dead “ Scarlet Begonias”- to my FUN hippie days!

22. Etta James: “At Last”- A classic
23. Van Morrisson: a tie between “Days Like This” and “Into the Mystic”
24.Jimmy Buffet “ A Pirate Looks at 40” -
25. Stevie Wonder “ Don’t you Worry Bout a Thing” – Love it!