Friday, January 23, 2009

It's All Fun and Games...

Until someone gets a stalker. Uh huh. Beware my fine feathered friends, the internet is a frightening place. It seems so safe and warm typing away on your lap top. Listening to your Itunes. Generally minding your own business but sharing your thoughts for those who want to read them. Right? It's pretty simple. Yes, you are putting yourself out there. Duh. But hopefully, your'e thinking in way of "Do unto others," right? You don't need to be of a certain faith to hold onto that concept. It's universal. When you put good energy out there. You kind of think, that's what you're getting back. And then, a stalker. Rut ro.

Now come on kids, no one wants to play with the stalker. I'm not one to call names but it's not fun. The internet is such a haven for these vermin to lurk. It's so easy when you're one of the "bad guys," to hide behind anonymous. It makes me feel sad for them. I do. Even though the anonymous I spoke of called names and generally acted like a angry child. I feel pity. I feel sadness. I want anonymous to have a fulfilling life. I want them to find their happiness without trying to knock others out. I want them to have enough going on with their own self to not have to invade someone else's life.

I also want world peace.
A really good eye cream.
A hot cup of coffee made for me in the morning.
To run a marathon.
Fresh juicy blackberries all year round.
For the Mac counter to always have my lipstick in stock.
Five Golden rings.
Four calling birds.
I'm sorry, I got lost there.
What I really want is some spicy tuna rolls and a big glass of wine.
Sue, call Nectar. Make a reservation. Or should I???


Sue Jacquette said...

Here's what I know about my facebook/ blog stalker, He or She...

1. Lives in or near Wayne NJ
2. Uses Optimum Online Cable
3. Has pretty poor grammar
4. Has been on my site 9 seperate times in the last 3 days
4. Has spent over 2 hours looking at 47 pages in the last 3 days
5. Is also on my facebook
6. Has an IP address which I have, but will not divulge here
7. Is not using a Mac computer
8. Clicks onto my site through facebook
9. Doesn't really know how the internets work
10. Is pretty easy to figure out.

Lula! said...

I'm so glad you don't think it's stalkerish or pervy of me to have that pic of you and Kid on my computer. Several times a day I see y'all float by and I say, "Hey Amy...Hey Kid..."

Is that weird? It is all fun and games for me.

The best eye cream in the world is Prevage. It's also expensive, proving that sometimes you do have to pay the piper for a really quality tune.
(That's just my little Prevage commercial for you--they should pay me for endorsing it!)

Simple Answer said...

the stalker thing is most disturbing. your list? brilliant!

Christy said...

Whew...I was hoping you didn't think it was me! Seriously, that's just ....eeeewwww. I was only kidding when I said he had a crush on Sue, but sadly, he sort of does (in a sad, demented sort of way.) I'm glad this guy isn't so computer savvy to be able to fugure out where Sue is or anything...