Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've Got the Best Idea

I can't tell you how many times I have started a sentence like that. It is what made us take our kids and travel across the country for a month. It is what prompted us to go sky diving. It's why I have a garage full of ski equipment (no snow yet). Honestly, people should be scared when they hear me utter those words.

Not this time though. This idea won't make you test your fears or hunt down a long time dog sitter. It's just a simple little game. I'm even going give you a day to think about it. You know Itunes? You know how they have those celebrity playlists? I love those. It's where celebrity's pick like 8-15 songs that would go on their all time favorite playlist. Now the older celebrities always have a lot of Rolling Stones, Eric Claypton, Lynrd Skynrd. The younger ones have all sorts of rap and Beyonce. I love when they have a musician and they put their own song on there. The "cooler" celebrities will have somewhat obscure songs on there cause they know the band. And almost everyone has a Bob Dylan song on there. I think you must make some sort of 'blacklist" if you don't put Bob on there. I love Bob Dylan as much as the next guy but can I just tell you, I saw him in concert when I was in college in a pretty small venue and you could not understand a word he was singing, not a word. Maybe it was an off day.

So basically, lets do that. Pick say, your top 5 favorite songs. You can do more. I just want someone to play with me. You have to tell why you picked it. Check out a couple of the celebrity lists if you want to. Just to give you an idea. Come on, it's not like you're busy or something. ;) If you want to e mail it to me I will put it in tomorrows post or you can just leave it in the comment section. Come on anonymous, play.

Until then I will leave you with a short playlist cause I'm in a hurry. T-minus 6 minutes and counting before I have to wake everyone up. This is NOT my celebrity playlist. It's just for your listening pleasure...

Here She Comes- Low Millions
Looking at the World From the Bottom of A Well- Mike Doughty
Paper Planes- M.I.A.
Love and Memories-O.A.R.
What About Everything- Carbon Leaf
Welcome Back-Mase
Risque- Cute is What We AIm For
I Believe in Love-Storys
Heart Shaped Locket- The Gin Blossoms
I'm Not There- Sonic Youth
The Only One- The Cure
Cath-Death Cab for Cutie
Back to You- West Coast


Kathy S. said...

The first 5 that came to my mind. I'm sure there are others but these give me warmth, smiles, laughter, tears and comfort.

5.One Love - Bob Marley (Puts me in a happy place - especially in the winter)

4. Lola - the Kinks
(Reminds me of a time, a place and a person)

3. Build Me Up, Buttercup - The Foundations
(Great times at The Den with the DGs)

2. Blessed - Elton John
(A parent's prayer)

1. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright
(Raw and pure faith, hope, and light in times of total darkness)

Amy who knows no limits said...

Ok, YOU didn't leave "whys" by your picks... I'm not sure I can pull this one out of thin air, but I'll try.
1. No Quarter- Led Zepplin... me. my husband. beer. hot sex.
2. Sunshine Daydream- Grateful Dead... me. acid. Dead Lot 1994. good times.
3. Anything by The Cramps... stealing gas on a cross country road trip. sleeping in abandoned buildings, LA
4. Anna's Song- Simon and Garfunkel... upstate NY, Joe, wishing I was home.
5. Greyhound Bus- Sara Evans... makes me think of how much I've changed since having kids.
6. Woman's Work- Kate Bush... Highschool
7. Such Great Heights- The Postal Service... just love it.
8. 99 Problems-JayZ... cause I'm hard like that.
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana... gives me butterflies and makes me feel uneasy like I felt all through highschool.
10. Waiting Room- fugazi... the freaking jam.
11. Music-311.. the whole album. Mushrooms, Andrew, 61 mustang, Fudpuckers.

Oh man, I could do this all damn day Amy!

Lula! said...

Oooohhhhhhhh FUN! You know I'll play along.

I have a playlist titled, "In My Life," and it has about 30 of my most favorite songs in the history of the world. But I won't list all 30+ songs here. Just a few...since you asked.

Lula's Celebrity Playlist

1. Bye-Bye Blackbird--Joe Cocker.
My all-time favorite song in the history of the world. The desperation in his voice just slays me.

2. Martha My Dear--The Beatles.
It just makes me happy...every single time.

3. Songbird--Fleetwood Mac.
It's a hauntingly beautiful lullaby. Proof that there is such a thing as the perfect song.

4. Comfort You--Van Morrison.
I lie prostrate at his feet and offer thanks to God for Van's existence. It's hard to pick a favorite from his roster of greatness, but I do believe this is mine.

5. Kashmir--Led Zeppelin.
One of the best-produced songs's a masterpiece. I could (and often do!) listen to Zeppelin, non-stop, for days at a time.

6. Baby Workout--Jackie Wilson.
I cannot not dance when I hear this. Jackie Wilson was the heart & soul of Motown. This song is a party set to music.

7. Song for the Asking--Simon & Garfunkel.
Lyrical geniuses. If I were on a deserted island, I'd happily survive if I had their's poetry.

8. Consume Me--dc Talk.
My heart's cry.

9. Oh, Atlanta--Alison Krauss & Union Station.
Her voice transcends description. Plus this song makes me long for home. I love my Georgia!

10. May Fly--Terry Reid.
The voice of my generation--the early 70's. I rank him right next to Nick Drake, Van Morrison, and Jeff Buckley as my favorite male artists. Everything he's recorded is amazing.

11. River Deep, Mountain High--Tina Turner.
The greatest example of Phil Spector's famed "Wall of Sound" style of production. There's not a single thing I don't love about this glorious song.

12. Sowing the Seeds of Love--Tears for Fears.
Another tune I love because of production value. It sounds as if it should've been on The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's, if Sgt. Pepper came out in the late-80's, that is.

13. Ghost--Indigo Girls.
A story told through poetry that just happens to be in the form of music and lyrics. Every single word is perfection.

And there you have it. Notice none of these songs are from our current century...I have a whole other playlist for 2000 and beyond!

FUN, Amy. I have something for you to play along with, too...remind me to e-mail it to you later.

Mark said...

This is torture for a music lover. How to pick just 5 to 10 songs. How about if we do our top songs of 2008? That would make it more manageable.

Of those that are posted, I'd have to say that Songbird is my fave. Just and incredible song and, while I like Stevie Nicks a lot, Songbird is a good case that Christine McVie should have had a more equal role as lead vocalist. Such purity in her voice.

Lula! said...

I am in love with your brother, re: his comment about Christine McVie. Truer words have never been spoken. HELLO! "Say You Love" me and "You Make Loving Fun" are fab songs, too...and I think we all know Miss Christine performs lead on those, too.

Good times.

Wait, that was your brother...right?