Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

I was feeling a little annoyed with winter. I'm not sure why because this year the cold doesn't really bother me. It used to make me feel like jumping out of my skin. The biggest problem I have this year is I have that thing (I don't know if you call it a disorder, a disease, a problem...) but it's where my fingers turn completely white when they are to cold. So white it's scary. I start to get this prickly feeling and then they start to turn numb. The only thing that makes them better is to run them under really hot water. Little red spots start to come into them while blood comes back in. Isn't this fun? Do you wish I would go on about it? Maybe next I could tell you something else very unpleasant. I won't though. I decided I needed to think of some things about winter that I like. That way when I'm rubbing my little white fingers together I can stir up some pleasant thoughts.
1. Hmmm... let's think. What do I like? I like my winter coat. A lot. It's totally cool.
2. I like my Uggs.
3. I like that Lucy (my big German Shepherd) can stay outside and I don't have to worry she is going to get heat stroke. Of course she might freeze to death, but I'm trying to find positive. Work with me.
4. I like the movies that are coming out this winter
5. Man, this is harder than it looks.
6. I like the look of snow when it's coming down.
7. I like a 2 hour delay on a day my kids need to sleep in
8. I like knowing that Spring is coming. Does that count?
9. Two to go and I cheated on number 5. I like the deer family that lives behind my fence. I haven't seen them in the summer so I'm counting them. There's a Mom and two babies and they are so cute.
10. I like curling up and reading a book on a really cold day.

Man, I think I'm a Summer person. But Winter's not to bad. It's going to be my mantra until March. If I think it enough times will it be true? Is that like that tree falling in the forest question?


kathy s. said...

1. snow is pretty.
2. kids love playing in it & skiing.
3. Hot chocolate.

That's all I've got. I really dislike being cold. And I'm always cold...

Amy said...

1. Soaking in a super hot bath.
2. Low humidity.
3. Long sleeves.
4. Uggs.
I'm sure my list will be longer when I'm looking forward to Fall at the end of Summer. xoxo

Simple Answer said...

Um. Having trouble being supportive. I love this colder but not cold weather. I love wearing kick-a** heels everyday instead of practical boots. I love the fact I don't have to scrape off my car. I love that I live far enough that you can't strangle me at this moment!

Lula! said...

I would rather be blazing hot than freezing cold anyday.

We are on day 3 of having no school...due to extreme temps and loads of snow and ice. Good times.

And I LOVE my Uggs. Love, love, love 'em.

Lora said...

i love my uggs, my scarf, my giant coat that looks like a sleeping bag, but the rest of it can all go straight to hell.

sounds like you may have reynaud's syndrome.

try some silk gloves under your regular ones for starts.

Sue Jacquette said...

I HATE winter, want to know what I don't like about it....

1. My skin turns pale and ashy
2. Itchy, bulky sweaters
3. Smelly boots
4. Dry hair and skin
5. Working out indoors
6. Running out of hot water while taking loooong showers trying to warm up
7. Night comes too early
8. Everything around looks dead, the grass, the leaf-less trees, the bare garden beds
9. Limiting family activities to movies and ice skating
10. Closed windows

Anonymous said...

C'mon gals...
1. Bumper skitchin'.
2. Bangin' deer. (Can I come over?)
3. Freezer full of venison.
4. Ice fishin' when the fish're so hungry they'll get after a rubberband on a safety pin.
5. Peein' Buster's name in the snow.
6. Bangin' bear.
7. Usin' the Johnny-in-the-corner instead of makin' the trek to the outhouse.
8. Rabbit-lined underwear.
9. Gettin' the little turd nextdoor to stick his tongue to the mailbox.
10. Jackoffing - that's a little Jackie D in the mornin' coffee October-March...makes the rest of the day seem much warmer ;).

Amy said...

Kathy, I love you left number 4 blank. You make me laugh.
Amy, I can't feel sorry for those in Florida. And why are you just Amy? I hope today is a one or no cig day, but if it's not. I still love you!
Ah SA, how about you in your warm weather? I am envious of your heels. Yes, my Uggs are getting their money's worth.
Lula, I would rather be in a blazing hot car anyday, but I'm trying to be positive. Thank God for The Graceling!
Lora, that is what I have. Thank you for the link and the tip. I have been to lazy to google it. Now I can just go directly there! I appreciate it. :)
Asude, Come on girl, fill that glass up. You looked awesome today in yoga!
And you, Anonymous, you're twisted dude. I like it. It pretty much deserves it's own blog post. I'm putting it on. LY

Christy said...

I'm sorry Amy...I know you're Ms. Positive--and I LOVE that about you. But I'm w/Sue. Winter sucks ass and I don't like it. At all. Period. The best thing about winter is when you get to go on vacation to someplace warm!