Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Again With the Music...

It is my addiction. I can't seem to stop. Playing Itunes is one of my absolute favorite time sucks on the computer. Although honestly I don't really consider it a time suck because I will use that music forever. Forever and a day. Good music lasts a lifetime.

Yesterday Lisa and I were discussing her son's Bar Mitzvah. She was saying she needed him to write out a song list for the DJ, she was going to be very specific though that were to be no "oldies." All current. I mean the party boy is 13. He doesn't want to hear, "She's a Brick How-ouse." I don't actually want to hear that either. A couple months ago we were at this party at a brand new bar and the DJ played that and "Holiday," and a host of the other over played twelve songs you hear at every DJ related function. I get so annoyed, especially when they play it twice. What about Beyonce? Justin? kanye? Now to be fair, I know some like this, of course, but this is my blog so I get to say. Right Jen? Hey what about Jen using the term maelstrom in her last comment? That was fun! She's wicked smart, or she just really goes the extra mile to make me chuckle. Check.

Okay, reign it back in. My point? Ah yes, so I was playing Itunes and answering an Email from my very dear wonderful friend of 35+years, Elizabeth. I started thinking about the music of my childhood because a lot of it revolved around her. We used to sit in her basement with the built in carpeted maroon couches and listen to music for days on end. "I'm Comin' Out" was a big favorite. Or we would sit in the tree in my backyard and belt out, "You're So Vain... I bet you think this song is about you, don't you?" Okay, so here's the real point. And let me tell you I could write a book about the songs I remember from growing up. I won't but I will mention two very prominent ones that played in my house because I just can't help myself. I remember Gordon Lightfoot singing, "Sundown," and Helen Reddy belting out "I Am Woman." Okay, so this was the thing. I started searching for something and Genius (you all know about that right?- Mac rules) led me to Carly Simon. I started to think about this song that I remember Elizabeth and I playing all the time at her house. I'm pretty sure it was called "Such A Good Boy," I'm also pretty sure it was by Carly Simon. I have searched for this before. I can never find it. I did however come across Carly's "Jesse," Jesse, I won't cut fresh flowers for you. I won't make the wine cold for you. Jesse, I won't change the sheets for you. I won't put on cologne. I won't sit by the phone for you." I cannot get this song out of my head now. I sure hope that doesn't happen to you. :)

Hey I found that song. I don't know why I didn't find it the first time. Smarter in '09!
What songs remind you of childhood?

Also, what about those songs that come on the radio at the exact right time? I think that is a post all it's own.

This could be called, "You're so drunk." Not you of course. Or me. Alper. Yes Alper. :)


Anonymous said...

Carly Simon sho enuff has a song called Such A Good Boy--It is on her HELLO BIG MAN cd...available as an mp3 on Amazon or iTunes...what a great song...thanks for reminding me about it.

Lyrics by: Carly Simon
Music by: CS / Shakespeare / Mainieri

He asks her for permission
To take the car
Light his cigar
Play his guitar
Burn down the barn

He asks her for permission
To tie his shoes
To take a snooze
To read the news
To sing the blues

He's such a good boy
A real mama's boy
She treats him like a toy
He's such a good boy

He asks her for permission
To get a tan
To play his hand
To blow a grand
To be a man

He asks her for permission
To say goodnight
To see Snow White
To watch the fight
'Cause she's always right

He's such a good boy
A real mama's boy
She treats him like a toy
He's such a good boy

She points her finger
And waves her hand
And acts just like a Queen bee
But he's foolin' her
'Cause he doesn't ask
Her for permission
When he comes to see me
Comes to see me

He's such a good boy
A real mama's boy
She treats him like a toy
He's such a good boy

© 1983 C'est Music / Redeye Music / Island Music, Inc.

Anonymous said...

it is funny because i cannot sleep a lot with this huge alien in my stomach and last week at 4 am i started writing the soundtrack/life list(idea from your blog months ago)
and on my list i have written "you're so vain" to be sung in duet.....

and now it is 6am i am reading your blog and singing jesse. i love when she sings his name "jesse.." real low and whisper-like!

Lula! said...

Oh, you know how I am with the music. Blog about it all you want.

After all...I am FOREVER in your introduced me to Creeper Lagoon...and the fabulous soundtrack that is "I'm Not Here." Among others. I love you in very obscene ways for all the music love you throw towards me.

And hello--The Cure's new album? My fave of 2008! Didn't even know they were coming out with a new one 'til you told me about "The Perfect Boy."

Please don't get me started on Carly Simon...she's one of my all-time faves. Sincerely. I cry every time I hear "Coming Around Again." Poignant...beautiful...genius. Sigh...

Brother Chris said...

"In my mind I'm goin' to Carolina..." Could never get enough of Carly's ex, then and now.

Brother Chris said...

Oh, and how could I forget when mom used to play Neil and Barbara singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"? Great Duet!

Kathy S. said...

First, speaking of DJ' my wedding I had a Don't Play list. I told them if you play any of these songs ("chicken dance", "electric slide", "celebration", or "last dance", you won't be paid - seriously.

Childhood - Billy Joel was sneaking Boonesfarm Strawberry (screwtop) with the girlfriends (the same crew on FB).

Sue Jacquette said...

Brother Chris made me think of when my mother used to sing, "I beg your pardon/ I never promised you a rose garden" ALL the time. Maybe that's why I dislike country music so much now.

Christy said...

I was never really much of a Carly Simon fan (but that's probably b/c I'm SO MUCH younger than you--as you pointed out to me on the phone the other day when you said I wasn't THAT Carly Simon? she was WAY before my time! :) And I have to tell you that I'm laughing so hard right now it's hard to're prettier...but, I digress. "Reign it back in" I absolutely LOVE it when you say that!

Anyway, if you bust out the Duran Duran, I'll get it. Do you ever watch Adam Sandler movies? I love that guy b/c all of the songs in his characters "life soundtracks" are 80's music--that's me.

Oh, and just so you know, I'm never bothered by the "guilting" or the "yelling"--that's what I hired you for! :) LOL

Simple Answer said...

Was kinda hoping for a new playlist. I can't tell you enough how much I love my CDs. Have to listen to B.A.M.A. while running on the treadmill now.

You're so vain has not so good memories for me. I got mailed the lyrics from an anonymous someone when I was a teenager.

Have to go find Creeper Lagoon on Itunes....

Simple Answer said...

OMG! Have to share this with you of all peeps...the band Quietdrive? They had a concert in a club here about a week ago. My dream as a 19yo? Play tamborine with the band. No talent singing. Figured anyone could play the tamborine and maybe I thought about sleeping with the band, you know, because I was 19 and that seemed like the very bestest thing I could do with my future (hmmm. have I grown up any?). Anyway, they let me play tamborine with them! And I had the very best time. And I've downloaded all their stuff. And now I'm back off to Itunes.

Simple Answer said...

You sent me Creeper Lagoon. I should learn the names of bands. And, of course, I love them.

Kathy S. said...

Doobie Bros. - Keg parties at the Weir's.

"Super Freak" - Phi Psi Frat party.

Hmmm... not a good theme I have going......