Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Sadly this isn't another playlist song, I wish it were. In fact, if it were, maybe, All That You Have is Your Soul could be on it, or I'm So Glad We've Come Together Again. Those would be nice, because guess what? Ollie two has passed over. I was shocked as you are. In fact I had to be told the news second hand by Saige. I didn't even believe it at first. I spent all day with Ollie two's Mom and she didn't tell me.
I'm not trying to be accusatory or anything but I kinda remember asking you guys to send out a little prayer for Ollie Two. Did you? Did you really? I'm gonna be honest, I didn't take any pictures of him. I didn't want to get to attached because somehow I felt this day coming. It's weird sure glad it wasn't mine. I flew, Ollie two had his wings clipped.
It turns out that apparently if you buy a bird at a pet store and it has a disease, which I hear is what happened to Ollie One than you don't want to get another bird at that same pet store. Most time, all of them will be diseased. Also, if you do happen to have a bird die in a cage on your watch, a simple cleaning of said cage is not good enough. Bleach needs to be involved. And if not, you can forget it. Ollie Two's people found this out at dinner on Saturday night and by Sunday Ollie Two had left to meet his maker.
Honestly, it all makes me very sad. I don't even go to the zoo (except the San Diego one, that one is okay with me). Other than that I can't stand to see animals in cages. I remember my guinea pig Fluffy that I had when I was a kid. I recall the day my Mom told me Fluffy had died. It was awful. Now, as an adult, with children, I don't want any animals that live in cages or habit trails, or tanks for that matter. They scare me. It's hard for me to see dead animals on the road. I wasn't even allowed to watch Rudolph as a kid cause it made me so sad, and they were just mean to him. So seeing little animals die under my roof wouldn't work for me. Fortunately for Ollie's (One and Two) three human brothers his parents are willing to give it another try. From a different store this time, not the same diseased ridden one the two Ollie's came from.
So once again give a little shout out for bird number three. Who has not been bought yet, but is affectionately and with the greatest of love, refereed to as "Goner."

Kirsten? Do you have anything to say to Ollie two?


Kathy S said...

This is only a warm up for the brilliance of Kirsten.....

There once was a woman,
Who lived in a Jimmy Choo.
She kept getting a bird.
She didn't know what to do.

She'd care for it, feed it,
and put it to bed.
Yet wake up each morning
to find it was dead.

Her sons loved each bird,
of which there were(are) three.
Named "Ollie" and "Ollie"
and now "In-come Free".

Let's please say a prayer for
this most recent bird.
So that by this time next week,
he is not a worm turd.

(Seriously, Lisa, my heart goes out to you. I feel like I am reliving the Hermit Crab Episode of 2007. I am still sitting shiva for our rat - you are welcome to come to the unveiling in March.)

Anonymous said...

poor little fellow(s)

we are die hard pet fans. both our birds came from a bird breeder and i handfed our parakeet until it was old enough to eat on his own. ya know, the whole bird-bonding. and you think i am kidding! but we have the most personable, affectionate, HEALTHY little guy ever. of course, it was supposed to belong to alayna, but i have inherited it's responsibilities just as i do everything around here. but that's a whole other story.

freddie mercury would be proud to use his song as ollie(s) epitaphs.


Meredith said...

Poor birdies. Maybe you should take the next one up with you in the plane and release him into freedom.
Love, Mom

Lula! said...

Everytime I hear Queen sing this song, I'm going to think of Ollie. With love.


Tiffany said...

Your commentors always crack em up.. The Hermit Crab Episode of 2007...hahahahahahaha.

Oh Ollie. Two. RIP

twist said...

I don't know what to say. I'm sick over this - I mean how could Kathy come in with a poem before I had the chance? Oh, and I'm sad for the bird too.

Amy said...

Kathy, I love it. Brilliant.
Jami, Thanks for giving me the Freddy prop. Also, did you ever feed your bird the beast? I think it might like that.....
Mom, Sadly that would be safer for the little birdies.
Next time, you know, when we go together. ;)
Lula, Ollie Two would have loved that.
Tiffany, you hit the nail on the head, that's why I write this drivel, so I can get a laugh outta the comments. It's my favorite part.
Twist, There's always room for another poem. I think you're being lazy. Seriously, get writing.....

Lisa Samuel said...

The new bird is here. I haven't even looked at him as I am over the bird thing. It's the crazy samuel gene that is obsessed with the bird now- I"m out- no diggity-----

Amy said...

No doubt. Got to bag it up.