Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Made Me Laugh Today?

Today was a funny day. Not for any particular reason, it was just one of those days that I laughed all day long. It started with taking the kids to school. Saige asked me yesterday to drive them. Apparently there had been some problem on the bus, she had her IPod on and wasn't sure exactly what had happened. She did know that when they got to school their bus driver was really mad and said that tomorrow (today) no one was getting off the bus until Mr. Brown (the principal) got on and had a talk with them. Come on. Who wants to start the day like that? It bummed me out and I wasn't even going to have to listen to him. So of course I drove them. They made me laugh the whole way imitating how it would go down.
Laugh No 2- picking up Christina for yoga. One of my funniest friends. She needs to write a blog.
Laugh No 3- The comment from Lula today brought back a funny memory. I could never blog about, and I'm sorry about that, but it's a good one.
Laugh No 4-Yoga class. Sue looking at me and shaking her head. Saying, "I'm never going to do that." Oh yes you are Sue. If I have to die trying, you will be doing that someday. Positive. Positive thinking. Do you know what movie that is from?
Laugh No 5- Our server at the sushi restaurant imitating Lisa (who wasn't there) saying, "I don't eat fried!!" Sorry baby, it was funny.
Laugh No 6-A e mail from BA. I put some old old pictures up for her to see and she liked them. Seems not much has changed in 20 years.
Laugh No 7- A funny txt from my friend Kathy who lives in Chicago (who I get to see soon! Yay.)
Laugh no 8- Meredith's idea of "wing suit" flying for our next adrenaline rush. YouTube it. It's man flying squirrel. It is crazy insane. I think you probably need some sort of training seeing as they dump you out from a helicopter and you fly down a mountain in a squirrel type suit and pull a little parachute at the end. It looks sick fun though.
Laugh No 9- Saige's face at the doctor's office when the kooky Dr. was talk talk talking.
Laugh No 10- The sound of Marc's voice when I said Chase was saving his homework to do with him.

There were a lot more laughs but this is getting old. Stay tuned for tomorrows scintillating post about stink bugs. You might want to tune out for a day.
What made you laugh tell me?


Kathy S. said...

At book club tonight the conversation got off track (as it always does) and the topic of discussion was an elderly woman at Genardi's wearing white Cheek Baring Daisy Dukes. So I, along with a few glasses of wine, said, "Who knows, maybe when I'm 70, I won't care and wear them." To which my friend said, "Oh no you won't. 'Cause I'll stop you - White, after Labor Day?!" I had to smile. It's nice to have friends who have your back(side) covered.

Simple Answer said...

I saw the wing suit on the news last night! OF COURSE I thought of you! Do you think? Is it a sign?

Lula! said...

I loved all of these...especially the "I don't do fried" one. Because I'm sitting here, all wondering, "Who doesn't do fried? The blasphemy!"

She must be skinny.


And I know you cannot share your story. I will take it to my grave. It made me smile and laugh and chuckle, though...INDEED!

Sue Jacquette said...

Kathy, you are hysterical... what made me laugh? Amy, of course. I hadn't practiced yoga in 2 weeks and all it took is one day in Amy's class and all is right in the world again.

Anonymous said...

you made me laugh today when I looked on my wall. I was literally laughing out loud. Another thing that makes me laugh is your blog. It's quite amusing and entertaining. Juno what else makes me laugh is Chloe. She's everywhere.
Your right, I only wrote 3 and I get it. Ttyl

Christy said...

Sounds like you were having more fun over there--I love days like that where everything just cracks you up! Makes it all worth it, right?

kathy s. said...


Only found 1 of the items on my list, but I did pick up "Twilight".

My smile today: only took one swipe of the credit card to completely fill the tank.

Meredith said...

The 'wingsuit' - cracked me the f up! Can you just get a mental image of me, you ...human flying squirrels..chatting as we make our way to the ground?

The even funnier part? I'd TOTALLY try it I think...why not? I'll bet there isn't even a license required...just suit up and jump off the mountain...or the Empire State Building....or the Eiffel Tower. The sky is the limit..pun intended!

Anonymous said...

My cat made me laugh today. Your cat? How can that happen? Well, I changed her name from Maxie to Palin. Here is why. If I put my glasses on her and if she was wearing a skirt she would be as cute are Sarah. When I ask her what she reads to get her news she looks at me puzzled and confused. When I ask her what Supreme Court cases she disagrees with she cant give me an answer. Its so cute...just like the real Palin. So this made me laugh today. My little cat Palin!