Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Speaking of Bandwagons.......

We live outside Philadelphia. The Phillies are our baseball team. Apparently they are in some sort of tournament or race or whatever it may be to go onto the next level which I believe is called the superbowl.
I have three older sports addicted brothers and a father who knows the statistics of every sporting event ever. I remember one time as a kid I was in Joanne Fabrics with my mom on a Sunday and there was a man in there. Seriously, I was so confused, I said, "Mom, what is that man doing here? Aren't the Eagles on?" She patted my little head and informed me that not ALL men watch, talk, eat, live and breathe sports. This was the first I had ever heard of such an idea.
My dad coached ice hockey and baseball, all my brothers played. Never a day in my childhood went by without some sort of sports talk. I will tell you, my oldest brother, who neither reads or comments on here, actually moved into a different house to get his boys in a different school district for football. It's cool, whatever, I get it. Obsession. I travel for yoga. I will spend hours on Itunes. We all have our hooks.
I will admit that besides all his other amazing qualities, one of my favorite things about Marc is that he doesn't plan his Sunday around a football game. He knows what's going on, it's just not the end all be all for him. I love that about him.
So the point of this, I just click onto one of my favorite time sucks called facebook and I see that Lisa, my side kick, my other half, the one who at times I feel I morph into has as her status, "Lisa is..... so happy the Phillies won last night." Um. What? Since when? I talk to her 323 times a day and we have never once mentioned the Phillies. "Amy is....confused???"


Simple Answer said...

"favorite time sucks called facebook." LOL. The whole web sucks me in.

I love that your brother moved for football. Parenting is a competitive sport, you know. Must give our kids the best! It sounds a lot like something I would do. Confession is good.

Can't explain the Phillies thing. But isn't it fun that you have an all new thing to share?

Meredith said...

After spending many many years with a sports fanatic...I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to spend time with a man who is NOT! Isn't football barbaric when you think about it?

Christy said...

I'm lucky too--my husband isn't into sports, really. He'd go to a game, but doesn't really care who's playing or have a favorite team, and luckily he doesn't have to spend every weekend glued to the tv to watch a game. That makes up for the never being able to find anything w/o my assistance (mostly.)

Tiffany said...

Speaking of band wagons... looks like my Dodgers are going to lose...to your Phillies! Ugh.

Kathy S. said...

Lisa? Baseball cap hair, Flammable Polyester Jersey, Beer Breathe and a Red Foam Finger, Lisa?

Kathy is sooooo.....confused, too.

Amy's Blog = Kathy's favorite time suck.

christina Ludin said...

no really what was that man doing in joanne fabrics?

Amy said...

My brother leans to the far side of crazy where sports are concerned, but thanks for jumping aboard. :)

Meredith-Totally barbaric, I don't get it.

Christy- You are lucky and you know what, come to think of it, Marc can't find anything with out my help. Perhaps that's the trade off?

Tiffany- I dunno.

Kathy- It's perplexing. And yes, the Lisa who chews skull.

Christina-I still don't really understand myself.

Anonymous said...

That's so funny! I love the fabric store story. I can't wait til the Phlyers get in the Super Box! Go Eagles! I'm so up on sprots it's sick!
LOL! I feel ya. I think sports are just one more excuse for partying!
Really. You go tailgating. You have parties. It's just an excuse for the local jocks to get there party on.
It's not just the F ups that enjoy to partake in a little partaaay every once in a while, every weekend, everyday, pick your flavor no one's judging.
Love your outlook!

X said...

I'm VERY happy to read this. Please come give my blog a visit today and you'll see why.
I WISH Jake could be cool with just one game on Saturday (he's into college football not pro), but he has to do the 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. thing and it's PURE HELL!!! But I don't have to tell you.

Brother Chris said...

This particular blog item seems to require some gender-balancing. I'd like you females to consider something. Were it not for sports, what in heaven's name would men EVER talk about? Our feelings?

I could walk up to a total stranger in the airport reading the box scores and be perfectly happy having a 20-minute conversaton about sports. Do you think we'd ever approach anyone and instigate a conversation about anything else? The answer to that question is No Way! It's the only topic on earth that I feel completely 100% confident and comfortable discussing intelligently, it's the glue that holds the male fabric of our society together.

Pay close attention girls, there is a real window into men's souls sewn into this little dialogue, I could go and on, but it's 7:15am and there's a game tonite I have to start getting ready for. I'll be back when it's over, but for now - Go Phils!

Louise said...

I was once a rowing widow. Saturday mornings, two training evenings a week plus early morning runs and plenty of nights with the team in the boathouse. But at least he participated, and when he did remember I existed, he reminded me exactly how fit he was...

Amy said...

x- I loved your blog post. It made me laugh. You get it.
Chris-It's fine, you talk sports, if that's what you've got, go get 'em.
Louise- Get all over your bad self. That's my favorite comment yet!

Sue Jacquette said...

i'm kind of a sports fan myself, so I get it, but not as much as my husband. Jason not only loves to watch and DOES plan his day around the games, but he helps other addicts watch sports for a living! It's where our bread is buttered so I say, watch on!

Lula! said...

This is hilarious...kind of like me being all, "Woooo, Conway Twitty!" It's going to scare people today. But we all have sides that no one else sees...and we have to fly our freak flags every now and then.

Here's a story for you:
My brother played baseball in high school, and his coach was big buddies with the Phillies' head coach. So one year the Phillies dude sent Coach Reneau all of his team's practice uniforms...from the actual, big wig players.

My brother got Lenny Dykstra's uniform...his name is embroidered in the pants. Yes, Eric kept those pants. Forever. Even though we are Braves fans!

MarkNYC said...

With all due respect to brother Chris, I'm going to offer a different male perspective, one that is not contrary to his, just not quite so limited. He's spot on that sports serve as the social currency for many men, but many sports-loving men have moved beyond sports as their only connection point. Not that they are necessarily putting their feelings front and center, but feelings are not left completely out of their conversationd. All it takes is for one guy to open the discussion a little and another guy will often meet him halfway. I know this to be true because I worked at ESPN for four years with a bunch of guys who could run circles around my father in discussing useless sports stats. Sure, sports were top of mind and discussed endlessly, but give a guy a chance to talk about something else--politics, entertainment, his family--and there was a noticeable sense of relief as he opened up about his thoughts, and yes, sometimes his feelings. Middle age and older guys place so much value on sports (Scott, are your ears burning? joking) because they think it's the only thing other guys want to talk about. The younger generation is changing all of that by prioritizing so many other things alongside of sports. This younger generation was raised by a generation of baby boomers who had a clearly different approach to parenting than their parents. Characterized by a willingness to push all of life's boundaries, baby boomers changed parenting in meaningful ways, one of which was giving their boy children options far beyond sports and their girl children options beyond striving to be someone's wife. I'm not saying sports aren't important to men; of course, they are, and there's not a day that goes by that sports doesn't touch my life in some way. (I'm watching the Phillies game as I write this.) It's just that there has been a shift that allows men to pursue and discuss other interests in life and in their interactions. As for brother Chris, sorry to blow your cover here, but while you are every bit the sports fan your father raised you to be, you've proven to be an incredibly deep man when you want to be.

Amy said...

For Gods sake Mark, you make me look like an imbecile, talking about Joanne Fabrics and nonsense. You are definitely the "smart" one. Thank God for that, I've got all the other bases covered. :) I'm kidding. I'm just looking for a response from one of you two. Love you.

Brother Chris said...

My dearest brother, I thank you for the kind words and hurl you a great, big "backatcha" on your sentiments.

As you continue to live and swim in the deepest part of the pool I'll be wading down one step at a time from the more shallow end. Please continue to be patient as I make my way to join you - I know we'll have lots of fun when I finally get there.

Amy said...

I love you Chris and Mark. Thanks for playing with me.