Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uh Oh

I don't usually write anything on weekends but tomorrow is sky diving day (so this might be my last chance). Well it's the day we are signed up to go. I have not let it enter my head at all. Just kept pushing it out....until yesterday. Now it keeps creeping in and honestly I'm scared. I want to do it. I was told by two, not one, but two psychics I won't die, one did however say there was a chance of injury. Hmmmm.....
So I told Marc that I wouldn't be mad at myself if I chickened out. He said, "If you're going in with that attitude then you're not going to do it." So, okay, I will be mad at myself if I chicken out. I will belittle myself for the rest of day! And then I will go to Rachel's birthday party with all my limbs in tact. I'm really going to try. My best. Are you allowed to take valium before jumping out of a plane? Does anyone know? I'm not sure if they look down upon that sort of thing....

......Then a little later.... Saige and I were in the car. She heard me on the phone with my friend telling her tomorrow was the day and I was scared.
When I hung up she said, "Mom, I really think you should do it."
"You do?" I said.
"Yes," she replied.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I think you will like it and if you do I'll do my back flip at gymnastics this week and I'm really scared to do that."
Oh no........ now I'm going to have to. I can't let her down.
"And," she added, "Once you do it once, you're going to want to do it over and over again. That's how it was for me the first time I went on an upside roller coaster. I was crying and so scared and Brigitte was holding my hand and we did it, and then all I wanted to do was ride the upside down ones."
I love her so much. It might have been the push I needed.
One day, she will realize completely what an amazingly wonderful person she is, inside and out. I can't wait.


Tiffany said...

What a sweet girl.

Girl, you HAVE to do it.

I have heard it is the thrill of a lifetime.

But, not a thrill for my lifetime... I am way to chicken.

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Did that peer pressure help?

Sue Jacquette said...

I'm not exaggerating at all, that brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing, wonderful and beautiful girl she is.

Kathy S. said...

She is such a persuasive sweetheart. (Remember how she got Lisa to jump off that "diving board of death" in Turkey?) So why not get you to plumet from a plane? Someday she may even encourage me to catch a spider without first donning my "Hazardous Waste Contamination Suit complete w/Oxygen Tank and Tequilla Bar".

Have Fun. Be Safe. Blog immediately when gounded!

twist said...

I was feeling nervous for you and so I called Sarah Palin - she knows a lot about everything. She said, "Don't be a chicken shit," and, "Shoot a wolf while you're up there." And then she agreed to post a playlist for your jump. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

I am sure saige is incredible but I wanted to tell you about the jump. I did it a few years ago. I needed to get my fastball back and thought jumping was a good way to do it. It was. It is not bad and you will be fine. There is a shoot and a backup shoot. You should jump free fall for about 1min.and the u open the shoot.Yiu will be falling at 120mph but it doesn't feel that fast. You might tumble once or twice coming out of the plane but the you stablize. When hare falling at 120 you will probably be smiling or laughing, you mouth will become dry like a desert. The shoot opens and the world comes to the most peiceful few minutes of your

Anonymous said...

your life. Remember how silent the world is at those moments. Ok the next is the landing. You will pull down on two shoot straps. They will work like brakes. Pull hard! The final few feet will feel like u jumped off a step stool. You r now down and safe. You will be so proud of yourself and feel as there is nothing u can't do. You will remember it for ever and if like me I compare scary things in my life to jumping out of a plane and they all seem not nearly that bad. Oh and no drugs, no need. The nervousness is what makes it great when you land. Have fun!

Amy said...

Tiffany- Thank you, she is a sweetheart. I'm going to do it. I can't wait.

Sue-Thank you, and you know why. LY

Kathy-Can you come over in your hazardous waste suit and help with these stink bugs. Thank you for your well wishes. LYT

Twist-You are certifiable. I am going to look at her playlist now, I can only imagine the inappropriate yoga music she picked.

Anonymous-Do I know you? Is it you my friend Anon? E mail me. Thank you for your comment. No valium, I was just kidding.

Simple Answer said...

Yup. You've got a pretty cool kid!

MarkNYC said...

Amy, I get the kids, right? Just want to make sure. That's the only way I give my blessing. Joking. I wish I had your balls. You know I love you. I've heard it's an amazing feeling. I wish I was doing it with you. Call me when it's over, let me know how much you loved it. Brother Mark

Anonymous said...

amy~i have always wanted to do this myself, but the idea of it terrifies me at the same time. i think saige just threw down the gauntlet without even meaning to. it will be amazing... and you will be completely recovered by the pixie spa weekend. i joke, i joke. you are going to be so proud of yourself and this conquering of fear. just do it.
love you.

Amy said...

SA-Thank you.
Mark-Yes, you get the kids and the dogs. :) I'll call you.
Jami-Next time we'll do this instead of getting chocolate massages. Come on, it'll be fun. Just like a hayride!

Christy said...

I am REALLY scared for you (because I am a chicken shit) but I know you are going to be fine! Have a blast--it's once in a lifetime, right?

PS: And please, email me or send me a note on FB so that I know you didn't plunge to your death (okay, sorry, that was probably a bad joke.)

Anonymous said...

Nope, not me. I can spell peaceful.(jk!!) Love you!!!