Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Live Vicariously.....

So here you have it. So many of you said you would never do it. I'm still going to try and talk you into it. But if you are dead set against it, that's fine. This is what would happen should you change your minds.
I finally called my Mom today, I had been avoiding talking to her since I said on here that we were jumping. I knew she wouldn't like it. She's my Mom for Gods sake. Although I have promised Saige that the day she turns eighteen I will jump with her. Is that like flying on the same plane as your kids? It's not as troubling if you think you're all going down together? Or is that just my warped way of thinking? Anyway, my Mom is just glad it's over and we were talking about the danger of it and I said, "Well, I never heard of anyone dying sky diving." Audible gasp. "Jim O'Brien, my favorite newscaster. Up in Pottstown. His chute didn't open." Damn. I am glad I didn't call before. I didn't want to know that. So anyway, that's it for me and my sky diving experience. I know I looked scared to death but did you see when I blew you a kiss. That was for you guys!

Kirsten, poem?
MarkB, Um....your turn.
And Lis, Edward is raring and ready to go. You know how vampires do it.


Simple Answer said...

Pretty sure if I did that I would pee my pants! Like the sound track!

Kathy S. said...

I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

I made my husband watch your antics after I did... he is totally on board... He can't stop talking about it...He wanted to watch it again and again...the only thing I said to him... "you will have fun jumping with Amy cuz I'm not doing it!"

Pat Super... potential skydiver.
Kathy Super... chicken! bok bok!
Amy Schramm... My hero!

Lula! said...

I am sitting here with my heart pounding. Oh my, I got nervous just watching! Yes, I am living vicariously.

SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT YOU POSTED THIS!!!! Oh my head...this has made my day, Amy. Seriously.

I so want to do this. But I'm still scared. Maybe I'll get my tattoo, then work my way up to skydiving.

Christy said...

Totally cool! I'm glad that you didn't call your mom before that too! SCARY. :)

MarkNYC said...

No friggin way, Amy. I'm not doin' it. I almost puked watching you walk toward the plane door just before jumping. You looked quite uncertain yourself, as if you were about to be fed to the lions. I have to hand it to you; you looked relaxed on the way down, like you genuinely enjoyed the experience. I'm happy for you, and in just this one case, I will willingly concede. You are the winner! #1! Braver than us all! I bow down to you! Love, Mark

christina said...

way to go... i could never do it, but i am glad you did

Insane Mama said...

I am jumping soon, I will not tell my mom until after I do it

Amy said...

Sa- You wouldn't. They made the soundtrack. It is cool.
Kathy- Oh, you're going. If it's the last thing I do. You're wearing the cape baby, give me the glasses.
Kathy-I love you more than life itself. You are my hero. PCP. LYMI
Lula, Girl, you totally have it in you. Do I need to fly down to Va to get it done?
Christy, Me too. Seriously.
MarkB- Thank you. I'll take it. LYTB
Christina- I'll do it for you, always, you know that. LY
Insane Mama- Have the best time. You will love it. And wise choice. Steer clear for that week before. It's just smarter.

X said...

Hell to the no.

Anonymous said...

that looks so incredibly awesome. I saw the kiss. You were flying baby! Flyin, check. Jumped out of a plane, check. I can't even believe you did that. It looks so fun. You are crazy.

Amy said...

X- Sometimes you just need to shake shit up. There's all different ways to get there. This was mine. It's all good.
Anonymous-Love you Paris, I know that's you. Check.

Meredith said...

oh, my, GOD!!!!!! You just brought tears to my eyes..dunno if it was the music or what but WOW!!!! I couldn't be more impressed you brave woman you.