Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Fun Fun Musical Game

I love games. Whenever people come over I'm always trying to get them to play them. Right Sue? Marc grudgingly will play for a while, he doesn't want to, but he does, to make me happy. That's a full time job, huh? So listen, here's one (that I can play by myself), but now that I'm thinking about it, I'm planning a game night and you're all coming, you know who you are (you're all invited!) and that means you too Twist(ed), make sure Johnny's home and you can come play. That being said, here's a game for now..... I stole it off clll's blog and I think he borrowed it from someone else. But here is the general idea. Do a soundtrack of your life. You know, with categories and then songs that relate to them. I added a couple new ones, and sometimes I put more than one, cause that's how I roll. Great fun for me. So play along. Seriously, don't leave me hanging, even pick a couple. You anonymous. I know how smart you are. Fyi- I could have gone over this all night long, Marc wanted to watch tv....
Opening Credits: (of your life)-Can I Kick It? -A Tribe Called Quest
Waking Up: Sunny Hours- Long Beach Dub Allstars
First Day of School- (does college count?- it's your game baby) - When I Paint My Masterpiece- Grateful Dead
Fight Song-Told You So- Barenaked Ladies (I'm a girl, I don't fight, I can (cause of Dave right Lis?), but I don't, at least not fair)
Breaking Up-Stuck In A Moment-U2 or Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley
Friends- Kettle's On-the Feeling (I think this is supposed to be about a lovah, but honestly it's how I feel about me friends when they're gone, "Come home." and... Troublemaker-Weezer :)-Right???
Prom-Thirteen- Big Star
Mental Breakdown-Under the Bridge-The Red Hot Chili Peppers (reminds me of a best friend who loved this song and died)
Flashback- Friend of the Devil- Grateful Dead (but I do love the Counting Crows version)
Getting Back Together-Somewhere Only We Know- Keane A Little Less Conversation-Elvis
Wedding-Let It Grow-Eric Claypton (this was our wedding song) and Annivesary Song-Cowboy Junkies (I've been married for a while)
Birth of a child-Loves Me Like A Rock-Paul Simon /Daughters-John Mayer
Final Battle-Just Like A Woman- Bob Dylan
Death Scene-I Shall Be Released-Jack Johnson
Funeral Song-I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
and just to be safe-I Love You and Buddha Too-Mason Jennings
Ending Credits-This is How She Goes-John Oszjaca

And on a lazy note, for those of you who wanted it, (couple repeats in here, they're in my head now- Wednesday class playlist)
Lucky- Jason Mraz (featuring Colbi Caillat)
How Am I to Be-the Watson Twins
Good Morning Baby-Tim Finnn, Bic Runga
Goodies- Ciara
American Boy- Estelle and Kanye West
Ooh La La-Faces (Could be a category-"Being an adult")
Mixed Bizness-Beck
Catch My Disease-Ben Lee
Sweet Home Alabama ("Dirty South Version") B.A.M.A.
Don't Be Shy- Shwayze
So Lonely- the Police
My Way- Los Lonely Boys
Crooked Teeth- Death Cab For Cutie
Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve
Try (Just a Little Harder)- Janis Joplin WAS replaced by Painkiller- Turin Brakes (for 3 minutes of boat pose) You love me still?
Tonight You Could Steal Me Away- The Spin Doctors
Fairytale- Sara Bareilles
Hang On to Me- John Oszjaca
Music- the Beautiful Girls
Home- Jack Johnson
Breathe (2AM) Anna Nalick
Riga Girls-The Weepies
Waiting In Vain-Annie Lenox We never got to those last two, but they were on there.


Lula! said...

This is sooooooooooo good. Love the soundtrack of your all of your other music choices, as usual. I need to do this. FUN!

Have you heard "The Revolution" by Jack's Mannequin? Been listening to that one a lot lately. Also listened to Arcade Fire on the plane today...goooooood stuff, too.

MarkNYC said...

I changed the scenes and did this quickly off the top of my head, so I reserve the right to revise later, but for now...

Opening Credits: I've Got A Life, Eurythmics
Birth (lost my twin): Missing, Bruce Springsteen (not the same as You're Missing from The Rising)
Childhood: Father & Son, Cat Stevens
College: Lost, Morrissey
New York Party Days: Nightclubbing, Grace Jones
Time Alone: Where I Go, Natalie Merchant
Losing Loved Ones: Where Am I Now, Shelby Lynne
Wanting Love: Unconditional, The Bravery; Dreams Don't Count, Jules Shear
Falling In Love: The Fear You Won't Fall, Joshua Radin; Green Eyes, Coldplay
Lost Love: The Feeling I Had, Amy Grant
Adult Hockey: Stamp Your Feet, Donna Summer
Later Family Life: Can't Smile Without You, Barry Manilow
My Sister: My Sister, My Friend, Reba McEntire
My Boyfriend: Saw Something, Dave Gahan; He's Got A Way, Bernadette Peters
The Break Up: It's Alright, Dar Williams; The Heart of the Matter, India.Arie
The Future: Hope Song, Rock Kills Kid; Jump, Madonna
Funeral: If These Walls Could Speak, Amy Grant
Closing Credits: When The Day Goes Down, Eurythmics

Kathy S. said...

Okay, You have hit a topic that I am at a complete loss (seriously - I blame it on a childhood consisting of a clock radio and Partridge Family tunes spinning on the Close-n-Play).

One song does come to mind:

After School- "I will survive", Gloria Gaynor (Okay, so I only sing the one line but it seems to be my mantra between 4 and 7pm)

Kathy S. said...

Got another one for you and Marc:

Skydiving: "Jump" Van Halen

Sue Jacquette said...

Thanks for the playlist. I love your soundtrack. I have to think on that one, but for a quick response off the top of my head...

opening credits - mysterious ways by u2
waking up - hey ya by outkast
first day of school - we just wanna party with you by snoop dogg
fight song - mamma said knock you out - ll cool j
birth of a jade - you are the sunshine of my life by the great stevie wonder. it seriously fits perfectly
break up - angel eyes by sting
divorce - where have all the cowboys gone by paula cole.
friends - superwoman by alicia keys
prom - my prom song was in your eyes by peter gabriel
mental breakdown - run (i'm a natural disaster) by gnarles barkley
flashback - you be illin by rundmc
getting back together - trouble by ray lamantagne
wedding - over there by john gorka (was our wedding song) and father and daughter by paul simon (was jason and jade's song)
death scene - I had a dream by joss stone
funeral - la mamma morte by maria callas
closing credits - rising up by the roots

Anonymous said...

too jetlagged to do the soundtrack(but i will)
but i do know what my headstone will read, "she was fantastic but still no thinner"

Christy said...

Oooooh, I love this! I'll have to give it some thought & put it up on my blog. What a fun "game"! I love games too--being the comsumate dork that I am, Monopoly is my favorite, but none of my friends will play it with me b/c they say I'm a "sore loser." I say, Nuh-uh...I just prefer to win. :)

Sue Jacquette said...

so i just downloaded 4 new songs, thanks Mark and Amy!

Sue Jacquette said...

can make a quick revision? change my breakup song to you gotto go by chase the sun

Kathy S. said...

Not to burst your bubble Amy, but I don't think that readership is up - it's actually just Sue and me checking in (procrastinating) on your comments. Note to self: Tell Amy when I'm out of town to see if readership plumets.

Anonymous said...

are you serious? how did you think this up, you little wizard? this may take some real effort. what a fun compilation.

in the meantime, keep the playlists open, cuz i still got itunes credit and am always searching for more cool tunes.


Meredith said...

ohh ohh how cool. this is going to take some thought tho..i'm going to need to think it through because i take my music seriously!

Anonymous said...

This was much harder than I thought, and I came up with the fact that I have multiple personalities...... Piper can probably relate though!!!!!

Opening Credits – Steady as she goes / Raconteurs

Waking up - !!!!!! / The Roots

First Day of School – Relate to me / Jack Johnson

Fight Song – Public Enemy No 1 / Public Enemy

Breaking up – (Couldn’t decide) Burn / Ray LaMontagna or You’ll think of me / Keith Urban

Prom – (which sucked) Stop this train / John Mayer

Mental Breakdown – (this is so me) Spaceship / Kayne West

Driving – (Classic!!!!!) Ramble on / Led Zepplin

Flashback – Elderly Woman behind the counter / Pearl Jam

Getting Back Together – No other way / Jack Johnson

Everyday struggles – Sacrifice / The Roots

Wedding – Lovers rock / Sade

Birth of Child – Julia / Beatles

Children growing too fast – (this one gets me everytime) Ready, Set, Don’t Go / Billy Ray Cyrus

Final Battle – What’s Beef / Mos Def

Death Scene – (depends on how I die)Suicidal Thoughts / Notorious BIG or Landslide / Smashing Pumpkins

Funeral – (This requires two as well) Goodbye – Eddie Vedder or I’ll fly away / Oh Brother Where Art Though Soundtrack

twist said...

Two busy listening too new tunes...whose got thyme four lists! Kidding...gonna take some thought.

Lisa Samuel said...

Ok at first I was intimidated by this but instead of ccooking dinner and other household chores, I spent my time doing this fun game:

Opening Credits: Unwritten by Natasha bedingfield and All I Wanna do by Sheryl Crow

Waking Up- Good things- BoDeans

First Day of School: When I grow up- Pussycat dolls

Fight Song: Over my Head-The Fray

Breaking up song: One by U2 and Mary J Blige

Friends: Glamourous- Fergie

Mental Breakdown: Better Days- GooGoo Dolls

Birth of a Child: Every Breath You Take- The Police and You"ll be in my Heart- Phil Collins

Getting Back Together: Where is the Love- Black Eyed Peas

Final Battle- Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis

Funeral Song- Hallelujah- K.D. Lan

Dave Samuel said...

OK here you go Amy. Promised I would try. I could probably go on for hours with awesome songs that brings back great memories. If there was only time to listen to them all. A bunch of cigars and some good scotch, I might just kick back and try to listen to some old tapes I have. (anyone have a 8 track player)

Opening Credits: (of your life)-Born in the USA/Springsteen
Waking Up: Beautiful Day/U2
First Day of School-If your happy and you know it clap your hands (I loved Kindergarten)
Fight Song-Eye of the Tiger/Survivor
Breaking Up-Iris/Goo Goo Dolls ? not sure if break up but like it anyway
Friends- Louie Louie/The Kingsmen (ok I’ll bet a bunch have sung this one drunk with your buddies)
Prom- Best Of Times/Styx
Flashback- Getting Back Together- I’ll be there for you/Bon Jovi
Wedding-Unforgettable/Duet Version with Nat and Natalie Cole (that was ours)
Birth of a child-With Arms Wide Open/Creed
Death Scene-Shooting Star/Bad Company
Final Credits - Forever Young/Rod Stewart
Funeral Song- HAS TO BE “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas ONLY if sung by Will Farrell like in Old School. (Amy it will be Ok to laugh at this hopefully sad but final funny time we will have together. I’ll be laughing with you babe, count on it)

Sarah Palin, FVP said...

Fellow bloggers: I accept your challenge to make a playlist of my life. I think you'll find I'm quite expert at it because 1) I've played music at parties, I have; and 2) I listen to music outside of my church making me a "music maverick.". In fact, from Alaska, we can even see Canadian bands like Rush. Have yourself a listen...

Opening Credits - A song my mother took to playin' after she brought me home from the hospital, she did: Hell's Bells by AC/DC.

First Day of High School - Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America (coincidentally by a band I'm now trying to join - and, really I don't get why I have to go through this whole election thing).

Graduation from Fourth College - (Still) Haven't Got a Clue by The Flaming Lips.

Beauty Pageant Days - Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? by Fall Out Boy.

Friends (What DO you people see in friends anyway?) - These Backs Are Made for Stabbing by Hit the Lights.

Becoming an NRA Lifetime Member - Can I Take My Gun to Heaven? by Cracker.

Marriage - This was Todd's pick, I'm really too busy to worry about this whole aspect of my life: You Turn the Screws by Cake.

Breakup - While a breakup would be unseemly, believe you me, Todd's no gem with that stupid "what the hell am I doing here" dumb ass stage face and It's only a matter of time, it is, until I catch him with some little blonde Eskimo chippie, so maybe a song's in order after all: Mr. Wrong by Cracker.

Baby Number One - Unplanned Parenthood by Busdriver.

Babies Number Two through Five - Unplanned Parenthood by Busdriver.

Going Into Politics (to get the hell out of the house and away from all those G.D. kids) - 1985 by Bowling for Soup.

Campaign - Maybe it's because I'm an outsider, but really I don't get why I should have to go through an election to an office that God clearly wants me to have, I don't. In Alaska, the state I am the executor of, I would see to it that roughly half of you wouldn't get to vote because you're too stupid/black/gay/Jewish to know what's good for you; but nationally, I have to put up with this ridiculous Washington game and so...A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity by Elliot Smith.

Election - When the President Talks to God (as she rightfully should) by Bright Eyes.

Funeral - I will not be having a funeral since my death will coincide with the coming of the messiah and the subsequent apocalypse. Instead: The End of the World as We Know It by REM.

Closing Credits - All These Things I've Done by the Killers ... or, as a shout-out to all the misguided, lesser souls who are going to hell because they didn't vote for me: Asshole by Dennis Leary.

Sue Jacquette said...

Sara, interesting list but you forgot one song... on becoming a grandmother at 44... shotgun wedding by rod stewart. You're welcome.

sarah palin, fvp said...

Sue, is it? Has the McCain campaign authorized you to speak to me? I think not.

Amy said...

Sarah, You are beyond twist(ed) if you know what I mean. Seriously, brilliant.
Listen, tomorrow, lunch? Rachel's bday, Hannah's coming, bring your spawn. Even the unplanned ones.