Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel

Happy Birthday Paris. Juno how much I love you, more than a human baby, more than a fat kid loves cake, more than a whale bone brush, hey bring my brush tonight.
Have the happiest birthday. I'm sorry you're entering your late 20's, that must suck, what with me being your younger sister (wink wink). Love you to pieces. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your birthday Playlist

You're My Best Friend- Queen
Shaddy's Back- Eminem
Don't Go Breaking My Balls Heart- Elton John & Kiki Dee
Mexico- James Taylor
Sunny Hours-Long Beach Dub All Stars
She's Waiting-Eric Claypton
Me & U- Cassie
Smile- Lily Allen
SexyBack- Justin Timberlake
Irreplaceable- Beyonce
Celebrate-Wyclef Jean
Silver Lining-Rilo Kiley
Wildflowers-Tom Petty
Right to Be Wrong-Joss Stone
Sitting Waiting Wishing-Jack Johnson
Bisexual Chick- John Oszjaca
Bicycle- Queen
Trouble Me-10,000 Maniacs


MarkNYC said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel. Thanks for keeping my sister constantly entertained and laughing. Mark

twist said...

Rachel - Happy Birthday! I can't believe Amy is jumping out of a plane to celebrate your birthday - all she did for me was lunch. Speaking of Amy...shouldn't she have posted a spectacular and moving account of her jump by now? Hope she didn't decide to show her political support by going splat-o-rama for Obama. (I shudder ta' think...)

twist said...

Sam, is that you? There are songs appearing...does that mean you survived or is it a ghost?

Amy said...

I'm alive.... It's coming.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! la la la la la......Miss all of you

Lisa Samuel said...

Rachel!!! Happy birthday a day late- so happy to see you today_ Aren't you happy that you had dinner with the crazy family tonight? Sorry about the bad dish karma--Juno how we do it now- right??'