Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Blog,

So it was so crazy. Jen and my brother Mark were here. You know Blog, Mark, the gay one that all my friends want to make out with? Well, I was trying to take their picture but my camera wasn't working (dead battery) and they were posing kissing. It was taking a long time so they had to keep kissing. It got a little whacky blog. I don't think Lisa is going to like this one bit. One time my brother said he had a crush on a girl and Lisa could not quite wrap her head around that one. I'm sure all that wine they drank had something to do with it. For some reason they felt the need to drink a bottle before we went to the store. Mark wanted to visit Homegoods while he was here cause they don't have them in New York City. What do you think Blog we nicknamed the store? Come on, guess, Mark wanted to's called Homegoods? Get it Just change one letter in there and you will see that are twisted. Do you think I meant the g to a f? Wrong!!
When we got back we ate dinner that Mark and Jen had lovingly prepared together while I made myself scarce and took a shower. It was chicken with onions, tomatoes and olives. I scraped off all those things and spread some spinach dip on top of mine. It was yummy. Good job you guys!!
Then we played Word Yahtzee, Mark won but only cause he cheated. Oh well.
Love, Amy


Simple Answer said...

You don't do tomatoes and olives? Really?

Homegoods. Miss Homegoods. I miss it more knowing that anyone from NYC wants to go there. Makes me feel citified.

my name is amy & I'm an addict said...

in the car for 10 hours today, catching up with you miss lady mam. Chickenfor thanksgiving? What kind of freak shit is that? U do know that if u eat enough turkey, it'll get u high. Ignore me. I've been gorging on turkey all day.

Anonymous said...

We are such the happy dysfunctional couple, Mark and I. What fun we had drunk-shopping at the HomeGoods!!! I can't wait until my t-shirt comes back from the printers: I Kissed Mark B. And All I Got Was This Nasty Cold Sore...Just kidding, Mark! It was the best 15 minutes of my life! (take that, Lisa!!!)

Meredith said...

First and foremost...I have been waiting for Mark to kiss ME so I'm pissed. Secondly - I can't for the life of me figure out what you changed Homegoods tell.

Lula! said...

Would you believe me if I told you that Tiffany took me to Home Goods ('cause I'd never been to one) and I found fabulous Christmas gifts which I bought and shipped home from California?

Yeah, it happened. Big spending in the Home Goods. After seeing Twilight. Before drinking 2 bottles of wine with dinner. You SO needed to be with us.

I'll line up to kiss your brother. Especially if y'all get famous one day and I'll be all, "I totally knew them when..."

Christy said...

You're funny...did you ever get the picture? I'm thinking no since you didn't post it. I just have to know though, why would Mark want to go to Homegoods? Don't they have way cooler stores in the city?! LOL

Mark said...

Oh, Jen, you have no idea the impact you had. Two nights after our "friendly" kiss, I had a more-than-friends dream about you. I regret neither incident. Given that I am a free man now, I suppose I can do whatever I want. All I can say is that I'd be lucky to kiss any of the women who come to this blog, and not just because you are all hot, but because you all seem to be such kind, thoughtful, and sometimes crazy, the cool kind of course.

As for Home Goods, which we not so cleverly renamed Homo Goods, my interest in going there was hearing that I could get for $20 what I would have to pay $50 for in NY. I was a bit disappointed when we got there, but Amy said I wasn't approaching the store in the right frame of mind. Maybe that's because I was a bit tipsy, or maybe it's because all of the good holiday decorations had already been purchased, but I gave it my best. Sadly, I failed miserably. Amy and Jen both just gave me that "you should have better taste for a homo" look when I showed them a globe I was all excited about. I hung my head in shame and stuck with candles--how do you pick a bad candle?