Monday, November 17, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Do you remember that Seinfeld epidsode? Is it like so every episode of Seinfeld with a tag line, like the soup nazi, or a close talker, or George Cantsatnadya (isn't that our favorite Jen?) I just love the whole aspect of worlds colliding. George and I are kind of different. He didn't want his "worlds" to collide. To me, there is nothing better.

Like everyone, I have friends from all different periods of my life, childhood, Jr. High, High School, College, having babies, yoga, gym, blog land, my family and the present (namaste baby). These to me are all clear concise little categories that I can pretty much fit everyone into. Some overlap, my best friend from high school and I went to college together (uh oh), like that.

Now to me, there is nothing better than when these people meet. It kind of makes me think of when I start rearranging things in my house and I can move them from room to room and they go together. The common denominator is, well, me. I picked it all out. It all reflects me. It all fits together. Like when one of my new best friends Lisa came to Turkey with me to meet her (basically) polar opposite, one of my oldest best friends, BA and they totally hit it off. I love it. My worlds collide nicely. I think.

Where am I going with this? So I go to another one of my new best friends, (the brilliant-although she hates me to say it) Sue's blog. On there are comments from my Mom, a blog friend, Christy, and one of my very best friends from college, Jami. Seriously it just warmed the cockles of my heart. Is that the right term?

Let me tell you why. This whole blog thing is interesting right? Some say narcissistic (Sue will tell you that people love to throw that term around way to much), some say stupid, some say voyeuristic, whatever the case may be, it's like the book I am reading, Tribes. People who do the same things congregate together. The internet facilitates this. So where else on earth could my hardcore Republican friends and my used to be blog but now in real life friend say they want to make out with my gay brother? And when ever could have I introduced my Mom, Jami (college), Sue (yoga), Christy (blog) together? All such like minds. People who I love (only Christy might be freaked out by this, but isn't it obvious by now how much I love my friends?) It just delights me, that there are relationships building. There are thoughts being shared. There are people connecting. I couldn't love that anymore.

Yesterday on another blog friend known as Simple Answer she gave me a big shout out for being blog friends. It meant the world to me. It was an award that she passed along to me speaking of the proximity of each other through our internet world.

So new or old, internet or IRL, husband, brother, mom, or yoga buddy, I give you a few words from none other than......
Fatboy Slim

We've come a long long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you baby
I have to praise you like I should.


Anonymous said...

singing that tune in my head right now...


Simple Answer said...

Worlds colliding - I like it too.

Kathy S. said...

While I truly love this post and the sentiment, I now have "It's a small world afterall" (complete with dancing dolls) looping inside my brain....

Sue Jacquette said...

It's so funny you posted this. I was just talking to Jason about your theory of tribes and how that relates to facebook and blogging. I think it's brilliant and I love it. (By the way, you introduced me to both.) I think we can find things in common with so many people all over the world and I love when I see where people who are reading my blog come from. They really are all over. One person from England checks in every day at the same time. I just think it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Facilitate. Look at you with the big words...I feel you. And thanks for the shout out. I totally felt that way when we were at the spa last weekend. I was telling my friends here about it, and how we all fell right back into step with each other. It was truly a comforting experience that no matter where life takes us, our true friends are always along for the ride, whether they know it or not! And it really says something about your(wonderful, fun, funny, witty) character, when the worlds collide, and everyone gets along! Good job, little one.

Tiffany said...

Hey Girl!

I haven't been here forever...took a little hiatus.

Great post and so true.

Christy said...

Awwww...I am so flattered to even be mentioned on your list of blog friends! Freaked out? Why on earth would I be freaked out?! Don't worry, I'm actually pretty good at freaking out, but usually not when people are sending out positive energy and love to me!

You're right, Sue is brilliant (and I appreciate you introducing me to her blog) but you're pretty brilliant yourself Ms Thing! You've introduced this whole worlds colliding concept to me that I hadn't really considered in that much depth before. It's very cool.

And I'm not sure I think blogging is narcissistic; actually kind of the opposite. I think it brings people together with other people they may never have gotten to know in real life even though they have many things in common. It's a way to reach out to others in my view.

This internet is a crazy thing if you think about it, and I am grateful for it; and truly grateful for "meeting" you--hopefully that will happen in real life one day!