Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Alike Than Different?

I say Yes!

Yes! (just like Russell in what movie, Lula?- Yes! Almost Famous)

How do would you describe yourself to a stranger who is blind?

5'3 1/2 ( I won't let go of that 1/2 eva!)
Tri-colored hair (skillfully done by Rachie)
Blue eyes
I'm nice. I am. Sometimes you might think I'm not, but I mean well.
My kids mean more to me more than anything on the whole earth.
I like people.
I like music.
I like to workout.
I used to love dogs. Then I didn't. I do again.
I can be selfish.
I'm a picky eater.
I like high heels.
I love my own personal people (friends and family) fiercely and unconditionally.
I have a slight (or more) case of ADD.
I am slightly obsessive.
I am scared of organized religion (I'm just being honest- no offense)

Okay, so the list could go on and on. The point is, although some of these are general. Some are kind of unique. Not everyone is a picky eater or is really (weirdly) into music or you know, scared of OR.

So a few years ago I went to this yoga workshop and before the actual yoga started they had us "journal" a bit. They had us write down a strength and a weakness. Then we had to turn to the person to our right (a stranger) and share our journal. It was a little daunting. You thought it was going to be just for you. I didn't want to share what I wrote. (This was obviously before the whole blog thing, where I discuss my dog pooping and dead rats.) Anyway, the girl next to me was a teacher in the studio and I was slightly in awe of her (obviously a long time ago, RIGHT TWIST??? Are you there yet?). It turned out we had the same weakness. I'm not going to say what that is right now. It's still a struggle. The interesting thing was that there were over 60 people in that room and probably about 2/3 of us had the same issues as the stranger sitting next to us. We were different sexes, sizes, races, religions and just different people. Same problems though.....

I find in this difficult time in our country and for some in life when you share your problems, or your triumphs for that matter. Whomever you are speaking to can usually relate. On some level we all deal with the same crap. When you open yourself up, even the slightest bit, it seems everyone can jump on the bandwagon. Even if it isn't exactly the same, it might show itself in another form. Some may over eat. Some may under eat. Some may worry to much, some not at all. Some may have kids that are to shy, some to over excitable but we all struggle with the same issues.

The important thing is to not try and one up your friend with your craziness. That's just rude, really. We all know who the craziest is. You. Yes, I mean you. You. Not me. You.


Tiffany said...

No. It's you. For sure. You.

Mark said...

Oh, Amy, so many of your "personal people" are crazy, it's hard to imagine which one you might be talking to when you accuse him or her of being crazier than you. But, if I have learned anything in life, it's that we are all WAY crazier than we would ever admit to one another. Would you love to know some of the stuff you will never know about the people in your life? I would. It would make people so much easier to understand. On second thought, maybe that's not a such a good thing. I think the key to good relationships is understanding that you will never fully understand anyone else, so it's best to accept that each one of us has good and bad, crazy and sane, and that we just have to accept each other as doing the best we can in this life. Some days, we will delight each other, and other days we will hurt and frustrate each other, but we are just who we are. I used to have a hard time accepting people as they are, I guess I sometimes still do, but I am so much more laid back now that I know it's easier and better for everyone if we just accept what is. It must be a late weeknight because I am getting all philosophical and not in a crazy, fun way. Were this a weekend and I had a glass of wine in hand, I'd be more fun. Next time...

Brother Chris said...

Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy.
Janet Long

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you.
Rita Mae Brown
US author and social activist

I got up a little tired this morning so I stole other people's thoughts on the idea.

Christy said...

Truer words were never spoken, my friend. Isn't it funny--I think we spend so many years thinking how separate we from other people, but when we all start peeling off the layers, we find how alike we really are. That's what I was trying to express in my comment the other day about blogging. I think in real life, the categories that we group people into preclude us from relating to (or thinking that we can relate) certain other people. With blogging, you don't know what groups people fall into in real life (at least at first) and that allows the drama queens to see that they're not so different from the computer geeks.

And yeah. we're ALL crazy! But mostly you...heeheehee

Kathy S. said...

"Whaaaat me? crazy?" she asks Harvey, her large invisible rabbit friend. Then again Alice had a rabbit friend too. So maybe talking to a rabbit is the norm afterall. Hmmmmm, another thought to ponder over sushi with her "crazy" friends.

Superspy said...

If you want to be the craziest UR...If you don't then UR not... see how that works.

LYMI... anyway you like it.

Rachel said...

I must say that pretty much sums it up. We are all f%&$#*$ nuts! Ok. I get it. I think we can all be as nutty as we want. I think the real wacknuts, sorry Mom:( are the ones that pretend they're normal. This goes back to all those traditional things (weddings when they're faking it, 1st hold communion). Do you think I have any idea what sacrament I was making. Maybe if I pray about it I'll figure it out. Whatever.
I think we're all crazy. I also think that we can be happy if we're true to our wants and needs. It's when you start trying to be what other people want you to be that the spirals start. I'm a single mom, no license, no job, my baby daddy is the biggest loser on Earth, etc., etc. I must say that I am quite possibly the happiest I've ever been. I've got my little apt. I do what I want when I want. I love my daughter more than anything in the world. I'm more sane than everyone I know at this particular moment because I really don't give a flying F^&* about what anyone thinks about my life. Am I crazy or normal. Hmmmm?

Sarah said...

You are SO not 5"3" and 1/2... I am 5"3" and I am taller than you.
Other than that FALSEHOOD.. this was a great post. I enjoy a little crazy.. makes for good blog foder.