Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking a cue from Sue . I want to count my blessings. Really, what is Thanksgiving? From what I recall in school, it's the day the pilgrims and the indians put aside their differences and had dinner together. What if all enemies, or frenemies or people who just didn't like each other did that? Like, I don't know..... the Israelies and the Palestinians ate dinner with each other? Just sat down ate some sweet potatoes and turkey and let bygones be bygones? If they could do it on the third Thursday in November, couldn't they do it on Friday too? Let's throw Saturday in there, just for kicks. Of course I know it's not that simple. People just don't do that. It's a fact Jack. So if they can't do it with others, maybe just count their own. That's what I tell Saige when she gets mad at I don't know what. "Count to ten and then acknowledge it."
I'm gonna count to ten myself.
1. My children. The light and loves of my life.
2. My family. You can't pick 'em, but my dice roll was double sixes.
3. My friends. Unconditional love. Nuff said.
4. Music. "I'd like to use a lifeline please Regis."
5. Yoga. "I'd like to phone a friend."
6. Laughter-
7. Unexpected kindness
8. Sunny days
9. Holidays
10. You, you and you. You all fall into one of those categories. Jen, you more than one.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Superspy said...

Nothing fancy...
Nothing plain...
I am thankful for a friend like you!
Love ya... Happy Turkey Day!
Gobble Gobble!

Sue Jacquette said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, honey!

Lula! said...

I am thankful for you. And all the great music you've introduced me to.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, what she said. Stay positive, stay kind...
Love You.
See you and MB tomorrow.

Kathy S. said...

There are so many little things in life for which to be thankful. Your friendship is a big one. Happy Thanksgiving.

Christy said...

Awesome! I love to think about what I'm thankful for--I forget sometimes, so it's nice to be reminded. I'm thankful for "meeting" you and I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving.