Saturday, November 15, 2008

UB40 Said it Best

Well, except for the rat was in my family room.
(insert me screaming)

So, Saige and I are home having a lovely night together. We watched "Penelope" (with Christina Ricci) very cute. Then my phone rang and it was one of my best high school friends who I haven't talked to in a while. So I went downstairs to clean the kitchen and catch up with her. I was turning off all the lights to go upstairs and Lucy (my big crazy german shepherd dog) starts pacing around the door. I let her out for the last time before bed. She races outside like a bat out of hell. I see her running in circles for a minute then she ran in the house. I had all the lights off. It was dark. She had something in her mouth.

"Drop!" I screamed. Although it could have easily been a big rawhide bone. I couldn't really see. I just knew it wasn't good though. Just knew. Paige was still on the phone. She has dogs too. She said, "Are you okay?" By this time I had turned on the light. I let out a blood curdling scream For real. I did. I still feel sick. Saige came running down. "What? Mommy, are you okay?" I think I just kept repeating the words, "Ok, ok, ok, ok," about a hundred times. I threw a dish towel over the humongous rodent. I got the dust pan. I tried to scoop it in the trash can. I only managed to move the dish towel.


I'm sorry. This is beyond gross. What do I do? I call my neighbor. She's a bit tougher than me. She comes over with her daughter and a shovel. Strangely enough the rat doesn't bother her at all. She scoops it in the trash can and then takes the whole thing outside and tosses it over the fence.

Thank you Nancy and Emily, we are forever in your debt. We love you.
I am already wondering what section of the Hallmark store would have a card for this, should I look in pet deaths or just plain thank yous. "Dear Friend, Thank you for removing the dead rat off my oriental rug. You are aces in my book. Thank you for leaving the shovel were the rodent lay so I could spray rug cleaner on it. Thank you for coming out in the rain in your pjs. Thank you for owning a shovel." Something like that, maybe?


Simple Answer said...

When my dog left a squirrel out back, I couldn't get it either. Too gross. I feel ya sister! What a good neighbor!

Kathy S. said...

This is too funny. I'm sorry for laughing, but it really is funny.....

Sue Jacquette said...

OH NO! Someday have Jason tell you about the frozen squirrel. We have pictures. That's unbelievable!

Amy said...

SA- She's a great neighbor. I couldn't ask for a better one!
Kathy- It's ok, you can laugh at my misery. We'll just 7 minutes of push ups this week. ;)
Sue- I'm sorry. but I too have a frozen squirrel story and in mine, Mickey removes part of the frozen fur and carries it around like a baby for a while until I notice it's not one of his Webkins!

Meredith said...

Sorry about the ordeal sweetie. Please extend my love and gratitude to Nancy too, and thank you for calling her and not me.

Aimeepalooza said...

Now that is an awesome neighbor! And ewww! Hate rats!!!!

Christy said...

WHAT?! I would've been calling someone else too...eeewww! At least you got to it before the dog had rat parts all over the floor! YUCK!

Lula! said...

Best. Neighbor. Ever.

And best post, too...I loved your Hallmark card suggestion. Heck, it needs to be an actual card. So good...

Anonymous said...

i would've shoveled that rat for you, too, baby. i'm good that way.

you are a funny girl.

your neighbor is a very, very good woman!!