Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've Probably Seen This

Oprah had it on the other day. I dvr Oprah (like I do any show I might watch) and watch it when I have time or feel like it, which honestly isn't that often. So I'm always a bit late to the game. I also tend to FAST FORWARD through much of the show that I find boring, those without ADD (Marc) find this somewhat irritating. I don't get it. I'm only trying to help. I am weeks behind in Greys Anatomy. And (I'm sorry Lula!) I lost Lost a season ago. Watching tv mostly bores me, there are a few exceptions, but I won't share because it's embarrassing. I do love Weeds. I talk about it all the time. I think that Jenji guy who writes it is a genius. "Little house's made of ticky tacky....." Anyway, minds wandering. Do you know I'm writing this only for you? I know you understand me. You know who you are.

So I love this You tube video. I also love The Black Eyed Peas and Fergalicious because she rocks the house. Say it like YOU do Jen.

Anyway, so she (Oprah) had Wil I Am on doing his song and it just made me smile. It's a nice thought, right? It's a new day. That implies that yesterday is gone. Today is the day. It starts now. And not just cause Wil I Am said it, cause it's true. Do you think his Mom intended him to be Wil I Am, or just William? A my. That's not cool. You know when I was thirteen I signed a note I had written to my best friend BA "Aimee." It was going to be the new me. The French me. Until her dad (the inspector who used to bust us for EVERYTHING) found it and made fun of me. It is 20 years later (give or take-;)) and he still calls me Aimee with an accent. He's just screwing with me right? He doesn't really think that's my name, or maybe he does........ It's a new day.


Mark said...

Did you know that "Little Houses" is a decades-old song? Look it up on iTunes. I know that's off point here, and that what you are really celebrating is the opportunity we each have every day to renew, to make something more or better or different in our lives and the lives of others than the day before. What a wonderful gift that life gives us, and we need to take advantage. No matter how good, or bad, yesterday was, we owe it to ourselves to focus on the chance we have today to explore something new, to experiment, to live life just a little fuller. I love that. What a great post, Amy. Love you, too. Mark

Sue Jacquette said...

Awesome post, Amy. I just downloaded the song. You're so smart. And pretty. I also tivo Oprah, but since Jason's been home I haven't had the chance to watch any of it.

BTW, if you're wondering why I'm posting this late, I took a nap earlier and now I'm up. I need drugs. Have I mentioned that? Maybe a box o wine will help me?

Lula! said...

I had not seen this, but of course you are NOT surprised. In the least.

And hey--one more week 'til Twilight comes out.

And hey--you have to give Lost a second chance, Amy. Netflix the seasons you've missed. If for nothing else, you have to know that last season had some delicious Sawyer a cage. Yes, sex in a cage. Now that's just good programming, my dear.

Anonymous said...

A. my. in the ha-yow-ouse!!! This post made me giggle. You are funny, little one.
C. Stardust

Christy said...

A my...we'll make it cool! I love that guy! I'll have to download the song when I get home--thanks! (I dvr Oprah too, but I never end up getting watch it either, so my dvr gets filled with episodes, 90% of which I end up deleting to make room for incoming shows.)

Meredith said...

My favorite part of the Weeds song is how two seasons ago they would change it to whatever the tone of the show was that night. Serious gang shit - got some serious rapping you remember that?

How do we pronounce Aimee - Ah ME?

Love and kisses Me red ith

or as seen on Grey's last can just call me 'Death' like Meredith's old 'friend' does.

Anonymous said...

dear aimee,
you will always be our little french neighbor.always welcome in our home even though it is always time for you to go home now. love, eugene hewitt