Friday, November 14, 2008

It's A Bittersweet Symphony.....

So it's quite obvious I am happy about Obama. You know, by the pink Obama banner that flashes constantly on the side of my very low rent blog. I don't know anything about html codes and overriding things and what have you, so my blog is simple. That's actually neither here nor there. Except for simple can be good sometimes....

Here's the deal. I loved that Obama got elected. It was one of the happiest days I have had in a long time. I felt a sense of hope in not only the world but within myself that I have been missing. The only thing is that whole California deal. That bummed me out. They decided to make gay marriage illegal.

It seemed so odd to me. Here on this day of renewed hope and a showing of equality and some scary people rip away what should be a basic right for anyone. I just don't get it. I don't understand. Marriage is a slippery slope no matter who you are. Why should different sexes get rights same sexes don't? The divorce rate is what, one in two? Yeah, we've really got it mastered. I get it. Not.

The thing that boggles my mind most is when strangers care someone else is gay. I don't understand, it seems so simple to me. If someone has found someone else to love. Why, seriously why would anyone judge that? A basic human need is to be loved and cared about. If you don't have enough going on in your life that you need to judge someone else, I'm thinking, I don't know, get a hobby. Paint, macrame, maybe bang out some of those rock pets, but seriously butt out of other's people business. Cause guess what? It's just that. Other people's business. I'm willing to bet if you starting digging into any of those haters that went to so much trouble to overturn that California law you'd find some serious nonsense. It always seems that the people who protest the most have the craziest shit hidden in their closet. I'm just sayin'.

So tomorrow there are rallies all over the country to fight for gay marriage to be legal in every state. Whether you care enough to go or not, I think it's nice to at least be aware it's going on. Because knowledge my friends, is power.

I think if we all spent a little more time lovin' and a little less time hatin' we might all be a little happier. That's just me.


Rachel said...

I think that gay people should have the same rights as us. I'm not sure why anyone wants to get married really. It just seems so permanent. It scares the crap out of me personally. I don't know why I hate weddings. It may have something to do with the questions that go streaming through my mind when the bride and groom do the first dance of the evening (and my date's freaking me out staring at me). The questions: are they faking it, are they really happy, was it just time, why do I suddenly have anxiety and want to puke? I can't think of one reason anyone would want to get married. Hmmmmm. I would...........yeah.

Brother Chris said...

This issue of gay marriage in California is a profound example of what ails us in so many ways both within our borders and abroad. At what point (to steal a Dennis Millerism)did we all become Gladys Kravitz? - peeking from behind the safety of our living room curtains and judging the independent actions of those around us which bring no harm whatsoever into our lives?

It seems our own contentment and way of life are not enough. We are not going to be satisfied until we foist our beliefs and cultural norms on as many others as we possibly can. Why wouldn't those groups we are trying to dominate and dictate to become annoyed? At what point do we realize that each of us should have the basic right to carve out what little slice of happiness and fulfillment that we can during our short time here on earth, and anything that another does to contravert that should be viewed as a hostile act?

I read this week something I think worth repeating and I'll leave it here to be judged by others: "It takes a big person to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own Happiness, and it takes a really big person to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own Unhappiness". I think it's the very internally mature 1-2% of the world that takes the time to live and breathe this idea that are the only ones with any real shot at true contentment.

Sue Jacquette said...

You know, Jason and I had lunch with his grandparents yesterday and we talked about this. I was just so mean to give people rights, and then just take them away like that. I think I was watching Keith Olberman and he made the point that until 1967 there were some states where black people couldn't get married, let alone a mixed race marriage. I believe that this, too, will change and we'll all look back with disbelief that there were so many small minded people in the country in the beginning of the century. But the only way it will happen is if everyone fights for gay rights, the way white kids went to the south to protest with the African Americans. Let's do it!

Kathy S. said...

I will always remember the response that Cher gave a reporter when asked if she was upset that Chastity was gay. (went something like this) "Tell me she robbed a bank. Tell me she killed someone. Then I'll get upset. But why would I be upset that she loved someone?"

Amy said...

Rach- you're funny.

Chris- I loved this. I always love a Dennis Miller reference, especially Gladys Kravitz. I l really like what you wrote about Happiness. :)

Sue- I look forward to that change and to look back in disbelief. Time.

Kathy- Exactly! That's exactly what I was trying to say.

Mark said...

Amy, thanks for posting this. You've always been so "so what" about me being gay. That's the way it should be. I've never been a shy about being gay, but I've never been a big gay flag waver, either. I'm neither ashamed nor proud of being gay; pride shouldn't apply to who you sleep with; well, unless it's Brad Pitt or Matt Damon or something. Boy, I'd be waving a big-ass flag then. However, it's time to get out there and assert my right to have rights. This isn't about promoting my lifestyle or my beliefs. It's about fighting for the basic human rights, not basic gay rights. I will be going to the rally in NYC from 1:30-4:30 and will report afterward.

Chris, I knew you were deeper than just sports talk. No doubt you are the smartest of our clan.

Rachel, Sue, Kathy... thanks for being on the right side of this issue.

More after the rally. I'm going to fight for my right to marry and hopefully meet someone I want to marry while I am there. Multi-tasking, right?

Amy said...

Mark, If you are ever sleeping with Brad Pitt and don't wave a flag, then and only then will I wonder about you.
I like you were multi tasking, Shows initiative. I hope it worked out.
How was it?

Christy said...

Wow, I didn't see this b/c I was flying on Friday--totally looks like I stole this! Like you said, great minds...I have been really sad about this and of course have been having mixed feelings b/c I've been so happy about the general election (there always seems to have to be a "but..." doesn't there?)

I'm with you on this one.

Mark said...

The rally in New York was fairly well attended, but nothing compared to the crowds you would see for the annual Pride parade in New York. A small part of this is because the NY rally wasn't widely promoted; I knew about it only because Amy posted in on her site. However, even with greater promotion, I wonder how many people would have attended. It's probably not PC to say so, but most gays don't seem to be all that invested when it comes to marriage rights. That's probably because younger gay people have little interest in getting married, and older gay people have learned to live without that right for so long that it's just not that relevant. The benefits of legalizing gay marriage will likely be felt much more by future generations of gays who grow up knowing it's an option and can plan their lives accordingly. Not that there aren't gay people here and now who want to get married, but as a percentage of the total gay population, my guess is they are a small minority. If that's not the case, I'd have to think there would be a greater investment by gays, and it would have been illustrated by a much larger attendance at the rally. All that said, the option to marry should be exist for all of us regardless of how many will or will not take advantage of it.