Saturday, February 9, 2008

Come on Kirsten

I hold my friend Kirsten in the highest regard for many reasons, she is smart, funny, makes awesome granola and of course a yoga rockstar. Kirsten and I did our teacher training together a couple years ago up in New York. We trudged every weekend in the winter for fourteen weekends to the city. Sometimes with family in tow, sometimes by ourselves. We were in a class of twenty-eight people, most a wee bit younger, total New Yorkers. One girl who used to wear two different striped socks to yoga class and she had to be at least 30. One girl, who so obviously didn't shower Kirsten deemed her "PigPen". Oh there were many clueless girls. We started about a month and a half after the tsunami hit and during one discussion this girl (I think it might have been sock girl) actually shared some urban legend that she thought was true of a surfer riding in the tsunami on a surfboard to a deck and having a cocktail, much to the incredulous stares of many of us including our teacher who had zero tolerance for ignorance of any sort. We listened to some of the most ridiculous and long winded stories during those fourteen weeks that I have heard to date. One of my favorite parts though was Kirsten could make me laugh over just about anything. One day we were sitting through an incredibly, unbelievably boring anatomy lecture, where the teacher actually had one poor girl put on this white leotard and drew on her like some horrible sorority pledging activity. During the lecture the teacher had instructed us not to ask any questions, so of course Kirsten kept leaning over and whispering questions I should ask. My favorite was when the teacher was talking about the different muscle groups and Kirsten said, "Come on Amy, ask her which part of the body cooks up best." Anyway, this story could go on forever but the main point is whenever there is a new yoga trick I want to do I count on Kirsten to figure it out for me and tell me exactly how to do it so I can add it to my reportoire. Where as I just like to do it, Kirsten enjoys figuring out the mechanics of it. So, my question for you Kirsten, is why can't you figure out this one?

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twist said...

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