Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Real Live Snow Day (I'm Going to Blow My Brains Out)

Okay, so I guess it's true. Be careful what you wish for. Remember that rain day thing? Not yesterday. Yesterday a full fledged snow day. We knew it was coming, no reason to even check if school was closed. I mean, duh. My friends, Lisa and Christina and I were supposed to go to New York this day. We had big plans, yoga, dinner, staying over. We decided Thursday night to cancel because we knew there wasn't going to be school. So, yesterday morning my phone rings, it's Lisa, "Okay, I'm going to blow my brains out." There was actually an expletive in there but I will refrain from writing it, use your imaginations. So my day started funny. I love that. Lisa's kids were already at each others throats. Ah, three boys, what do you expect. She said, "I feel like doing what my mother did, putting on their snow stuff, shoving them outside and locking the door." Unfortunately in this day and age that might be considered abuse so she opted for hiding from them for a while. We made a plan to go out tonight seeing as were missing out on New York and got busy figuring out how we were going to work out even with all these pesky kids around.
It wasn't hard for me. Marc came and got Chase. He called and said he was picking him up to help plow and clean the cars at the dealership. This sounds like hell on earth to me but Chase was very excited. I told him to go get dressed. He came down in shorts. Come on Chase, really? Shorts? Use your head man. I mean why not a tank top and grab your goggles. Where do you think you're going? So we got him as properly dressed for the weather as he could (except his jacket wouldn't zipper, but I told him Marc would deal with that) and sent him on his way. Now it's just me and Saige. She orders a movie and settles down for a little chill time. Fine, I'll go down in the basement and run. Phone rings, it's a friend, "Saige you want to come over and sled?" Done deal, pack up more snow clothes, order that movie tomorrow and let's get out of here. So off we go, Saige to Brigittes, me to the gym. Everyone's happy. So, snow day or not it was a good one. Then later chi rolls, wine and tuna pizza at Teikoku, things could be worse.

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Lisa Samuel said...

Loved the entry, Let's just keep our fingers crossed that old man winter takes an official hike from Chester County or things could get ugly!