Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not So Alternative Medicine

Back in the fall Saige started saying her leg hurt. We just thought she was growing and pretty much blew it off. She didn't mention it for a while. About two weeks ago she started complaining about it a lot. She kept saying it was the same pain from before, she remembered it started at a birthday party she went to at Hershey Park. We thought it would go away, but it didn't. Saige is not a faker either. If she says it hurts, it hurts. Everyday it seemed to get worse, when she started limping I called the doctor. So we went in, he asked her a few questions, moved her leg around a little bit to see where it hurt and ordered an x-ray. He mentioned two possibilities that he could think of, one having to do with surgery and pins in her hip. Saige's hip was displaced when she was born so he said she had a better chance of having that thing than another kid. So I'm a nervous wreck. Surgery? So we went down and got her x-rays. Thankfully nothing showed up that he thought would. He told me I needed to make an appointment at Dupont and quick. I needed to be in there in the next week. He made it seem so urgent. It was scary. So I'm talking on the phone to my friend Carolyn, she says, "Amy, I don't know if you believe in this kind of thing but maybe you should see a chiropractor." Well of course I believe in that. I swear by my chiropractor. I am all about chiropractors. It just never occured to me because it was her leg. So I immediately called them, they said come in now. I took her over and he did all sorts of tests with her leg. He said, "I'm sure this is redundent, her doctor probably already did all this." Um. No. Not really. He asked her a bunch of questions and said, "I think her L4 is pinched. It would cause exactly what she is describing." He adjusted her. I took her home. On Wednesday she couldn't really tell a difference. Today she isn't limping anymore. She says it feels so much better. Also her chiropractor mentioned a ride at Hershey Park that is old and rickety and whips you around that he doesn't let his kids go on. She went on it twice at that party. I don't know if that's what happened, but come on. My question is , why won't regular doctors ever give you this option? Why did it have to be scary and surgery and pins and Dupont? I guess money. I don't know.


Meredith said...

It's so wonderful that your friend mentioned this to you and you took her and she's cured! At least, I hope she's cured. I'm hoping the reason your doctor didn't suggest this is that he was focused on a different approach and he never thought about it. No excuse, I know. Have you told him?

Amy said...

Regular doctors will never suggest a chiropractor. I think it's because there are no prescriptions to give with that and therefore no money. Marc did tell him. I'm not sure completely what his response was, just to keep and eye on it and call Dupont if it didn't get better.