Thursday, February 21, 2008


So today's the big day. Guess what? The project is finished. It's good too. They made these batteries become magnets. The glue gun was never needed. There were some batteries, some paper clips, some copper wire and voila, a science project is made. We worked on the poster last night and it is very pretty. Which, you know, is important.
Marc had picked the kids up after school and taken them to his work. I had to go down to help with the poster. When I got there Chase was doing his thing, wandering around. His bookbag had not been touched. I asked him, "Any homework buddy?" Of course the immediate, "NO." popped out of his mouth. Saige goes, "Yeah, there's no homework until tomorrow morning when he remembers that he forgot to do it." So, then we find out that there is word study. So that's what were about to do now.
So tonight at school is the whole Science fair. Saige will get to present her project in front of everyone and she is really excited. It's like a little stage for her. She loves to be up on stage. Years ago she started performing her little dances at the talent shows everytime we were at at resort. All by herself. It amazed me. For days after people come up and tell her how awesome she was. I am in awe of it, not in a million years would I have done that. It is one more way she is like Marc, totally comfortable being in front of a crowd. Not me. I am very proud of her


Meredith said...

I hope she will blog about her science project. Maybe even a photo? Or a Flip video of her presentation?

twist said...

C'mon, Amy, tell my favorite "Saige of the Stage" story. You know the one that starts, "My name is Saige Schramm and this summer I learned that..."

Amy said...

Ah, ok, maybe I will share that little gem. Somehow Marc does not see the humor in it like I do. I might throw that in here this week. Just for a giggle.