Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Days

"I'm already going through a mid life crisis and now because of these snow days I'm having a nervous breakdown too." These were the first words my friend Lisa said to me as she walked in my house this morning with kids in tow. The title of this post is somewhat misleading because you couldn't really call today a snow day. A snow day is where there is actual snow and your kids can go out and play in it. This was more of a rain day. Rain is something our school district finds very dangerous because our kids are called in late, or sent home early, or like today, sometimes they don't even go at all for rain. The big difference between a snow and rain day is that your kids are home when they shouldn't be and they can't go outside and play so no matter how many kids you pile in your house there's still going to be trouble. I feel like we got off easy with one pool ball in the eye and a almost bleeding nose. Today I got up at 5:30 and checked my e mail for closings. Two hour delay, I can live with that, it just gives me some extra time. I txt my friend that we will practice yoga an hour later and I go to the gym. When I am done working out I get that ominous txt back, "School's closed. What are we going to do?" You're kidding me? I don't want school to be closed. I want it to be open, where kids go. Not so much. So we decided to pile all the kids in my house and do yoga. It was fun. They joined in at the end.
So it was a good plan, but the real stroke of genius was when we decided to let them all go to Lisa's house with her oldest son to babysit and we would go to lunch. Smart, right? Yes, very smart. Order a pizza, drop them off and go. Only about five phone calls about fighting, lost drum sticks and how to bake cake. All in all a very good idea. So, moral. Make sure at least one of your friends has a babysitting age kid on a snow day.

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