Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sell Sell Sell

It's February. Girl Scout cookie selling time again. Saige loves this. I find it a little stressful because like Marc she is a very competetive seller. I kind of feel like selling the alloted amount they need you to and calling it a day. Not Saige. She wants to sell the most. Which is great. Really. I think it's awesome. I just don't feel like standing outside CVS on some cold Saturday and trying to sell a box here and there. So, I decide she should go to Marc's work and sell them. It's so easy. Saige is of course thrilled with this idea because both her and Chase love to go to his work any chance they get. I don't really know what is the huge draw but there are times they choose going there over a friends house. It's fine with me. So on Saturday I drop her and her cookies off. She sets them up on the windowsill of his office. Marc tells her, "Just try and wait for people to ask you." In the five minutes I am there dropping her off and helping her set them up six boxes are gone. She calls me an hour later and tells me she sold out. Yeah. We're done right? Nope. So this morning, Tuesday, I am making my list of stuff to do. Saige writes in big letters "Get More Girl Scout Cookies for Saige." We get in the car to go to the bus and she is reviewing what she sold, who she sold it to, how many boxes they bought, what she needs more. So she starts listing it, "Lisa bought two, Rupen bought five, Tim bought one and Michael bought seven boxes, he was my best customer. So I gave him a pen." Her father's daughter.


Sarah said...

I am so proud of her!

Brother Chris said...

That's a funny story. IDEA: Maybe Marc could add some type of Warranty onto each box of cookies in the event they go bad. Or an "Under-Cookie" waxing to prevent cookie corrosion. I"m sure that between the two of them they could convince the cookie-buying public that these are worthwhile investments.