Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Some days I wake up and I am so happy and I just don't know why. Maybe it's the music in the morning, I highly suggest this to everyone. Maybe it's the fact that my kids make me laugh over the silliest things. Today there was a big discussion about cars, well, it was really one sided because Saige was not interested. Chase had a new Car and Driver magazine that he was looking at and quizzing her on. He likes to go through and try to get you to say what kind of car it is, and all sorts of other information that he knows we don't know. Saige has about as much interest as I do in cars. She put up with it for a few minutes and then starting questioning him on lip gloss. I thought it was very clever actually. It made me laugh and shut him up at the same time. Really a win/win. My happiness could be due to the fact that I have Kirsten teaching todays yoga class which means I don't even have to think and can do all the handstands my little heart desires because it's my house. Whatever it is I'm glad about it.

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