Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dave L.

My friend Christina's, very funny, nice, kind, husband Dave needed a little recognition. He is not to be confused with Dr. Dave of the short hair fame. Another Dave. A Phi Sig Dave for those of you who went to college with me. Christina is one of my very bendy friends who is pictured in many of my yoga photos. Dave has never participated in one of my yoga classes (chicken) but he does get a big kick out of the pictures I post. He says it is half laughing and half envy. Looks more fun than going to work (I have to admit...it is- don't tell anyone though.) So apparently one time Christina was looking at the pictures on here and left it up on her computer. She went upstairs and heard a big belly laugh coming from downstairs. She knew it was Dave looking at all our craziness. Yes, this is what we do on Wednesday mornings. My friends come over and we play yoga. He did like the playlists though and wanted to contribute because apparently he is a music junkie like I am. So on Sunday I go over to their house to pick up Chase and they give me this Kid Rock cd. You can't get it on Itunes. For this reason I don't have it, I am an Ituner. I have to so highly recommend this cd, I just can't give it enough props. When you open it up on the inside cover it says "It it looks good, You'll see it. It it sounds good. You'll hear it. It it's marketed right, you'll buy it. But....If it's real. You'll feel it." Do yourself a favor and go buy it. Even if you are not normally a Kid Rock fan you will probably love this. I like almost all the songs but Amen is reason enough alone to get it. So thanks Dave. We'll be listening to this Wednesday morning while we're doing tricks. Have fun at work.

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