Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Science Project

So, in true us fashion we are down to two days before the big science project is due. Forgetting yesterday was Monday and they had off, I actually thought we had three. Nope. So this morning I try to talk Saige into giving the old lollipop experiment one more try. You know we could make a really pretty poster. It would be great. NO. That is not happening. So she goes up and tells Marc,"We're down to days Dad." So in true Marc fashion he calls me this afternoon and says he is on his way home to pick up Saige and take her back to work and they are going to get this Science project done. I still really have no idea what they're doing. I know it involves titanium. Just kidding. It involves some sort of battery and he needed the glue gun. That glue gun is an intregal part of many a project that goes on. Saige was really happy but wanted to make sure I would still be helping with the art portion of the project which involves the poster. Of course, there is nothing I enjoy more than taking over an art project. No, I wouldn't do that to her. Only to Chase. Chase would prefer to do "time on the line." than his work at times. Although I have told him you can't use "time on the line" as an alternative to your work. He seemed to think this is perfectly reasonable. He is fine with it although will try to work his way out of "time on the line," sometimes by telling the teacher her likes her shoes. Doesn't always work, but back to that charisma thing. Or suck up, either one. Anyway, I am hoping by the time they get home tonight Saige has one kick ass Science project to turn in Thursday. I'm thinking she will.

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