Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Yoga Music

Okay, I am not making the itune link today, simply because I am being lazy. I know you can link yourselves there. I know how smart you are. So, for you, and you know who you are, hassling me, here is what I played today, most I am sure about. I know halfway through I needed to keep it revved up so I switched around a bit but this is the gist. Oh, and you can't get the Kid Rock from Itunes.
Belief- John Mayer
Gotta Have You- The Weepies
Jesus, Etc. -Wilco
Cold Hands (Warm Heart)-Brendan Benson
Your Every Color-Train
Streetcorner Symphony-Rob Thomas
Bring Me Your Cup-The Beautiful Girls
On the Way Down-Ryan Cabrera
All Summer Long-Kid Rock
Be Good to Me-Steriogram
Won't Go Home Without You-Maroon 5
Crooked Teeth-Death Cab for Cutie
Back in the Day-Blues Traveler
Whatever Gets You Through Today-The Radio
Music- The Beautiful Girls
Amen- Kid Rock (Completely inappropriate savasana song-just call me Bill

I'm thinking this was about it.

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