Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi...My Name is Saige S.

I have been getting a couple requests for older stories. I have been hesitant to put them up here because they are from a while ago but I think considering it's Sunday and I was just talking about Saige's great love of the stage and Kirsten asked, I will share this story. So, as many of you know, I am Presbyterian and Marc is Jewish. We had a non-denominational wedding. We celebrate just about every religious holiday there is, more because we love to party than out of religious obligations. Neither of us is really into organized religion. We are C & E'ers (Christmas and Easter-well really just C'ers when I think about it) for church and when we celebrate the Jewish holidays it is always with Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan and his cousins and it's really more to party. I consider my religion that of "Be kind to other people." That being said, a few years back when my children were younger I sent them to vacation bible school. Really for no other reason than it gave them something to do a few hours a day when school was out, their friends were going and it was free. I really didn't give it much thought from a religious standpoint. Marc wasn't thrilled that they were going, which I just didn't get. It's not like he's at the synagogue every night. In fact, besides ba and bar mitzvah's we've never been to a synagogue. Anyway, he expressed some disgruntlement and then let it go. Good boy. So anyway, they go all week and love it, I mean love it. So on Thursday night, and it just happened to be my birthday (June 24-make a note to yourselves) they have this little show at the church. Me, clueless as to what they could possibly be doing makes Marc come and watch. We've got my brand new camcorder that I got for my birthday in tow. So, literally, there are like at least 400 kids in this thing. Maybe 8 of them speak. We are sitting in the audience watching their little songs or whatever they were doing and all of the sudden this woman is calling a couple kids up on the stage. I am dozing at this point until I hear her go, "Here I have Saige Schramm with a testimonial." Saige makes her way up on stage and stands in front of the mike. I am back in focus now, thinking, what on earth could she have to say? Saige, in her stage voice gets right in front of that mike and says as loud and clearly as she could, "My name is Saige Schramm and this year at vacation bible school I learned that Jesus Christ is my Lord and saviour." I thought back to long ago when I went to New York City as a kid with my friend Megan and her mom told us a hundred times, "Make no eye contact." So that's what I did with Marc, no eye contact.


Sarah said...

I remember this... made me laugh then made me laugh now.
How about a Chase story now?

Anonymous said...

amy~i it wrong that this made me laugh out loud?
btw~ have i told you lately how much i enjoy this blog? i see writer's dividends in your future.