Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Full Moon and A Lucky Penny

These are what we keep finding in our travels and they seem to work for us. While we were waiting for our luggage in the Ft. Lauderdale airport we had some rental car issues that we thought we would have a problem with. Well, Lisa thought. I just kept saying, "Don't worry. It will be fine." I went in the bathroom and found a penny. I gave it to Lisa thinking, this will cheer her up. It did. Then, our luggage came right out. We went over to the rental place with our five kids with a lot of energy running around like crazy. I of course had a printed an old confirmation from Utah. Stupid me. Didn't matter. Marc had hooked us up good and they gave us exactly what we wanted. That penny was working. Lisa kept it and things went pretty well I think.
Last night she and I went to the Kid Rock concert. This might sound funny, but let me tell you, it was awesome. I have been to a ton of concerts and this is up there with one of my favorites. Before we left I wasn't feeling well, but as a friend of mine has instructed me, "Buck up little camper." I did. Bucked up. Sucked it up and went out. I got in Lisa's car and she said, "Did you eat?" "No," I said. She looks and me and says, "Good. I brought dinner." Then she handed me a mint. So, okay, I laughed. It was going to be fun. As we were driving down the turnpike there was a big huge moon. I feel like we've been seeing a lot of those. So I took that as another good sign. We get to the concert, which was in Reading. We go in. We have floor tickets. We make our way up to basically about four rows back. The crowd was surprising to me. I expected something different. It was a lot of men. A ton of tattoos. Country looking people. Lisa in another effort to make me laugh referred to them as, "Circus folk." During the show one very nice guy who had an armful of tattoos and a black kerchief with ying yang symbols said to Lisa, "You're short, can you see?" "No, can I get in front of you?" she said. "No, But you can get on my shoulders." She looked at me. I of course, as any good friend would do, egged her on. Some other woman hoisted her up there and I just laughed. It was really fun. Kid Rock was awesome. Apparently there were protesters outside because the name of his album is Rock and Roll Jesus so at the end he sang This Little Light of Mine. Which I found extremely amusing. It was all good. As we were walking out, I said to Lisa, "Does this make us circus folk too?" She said, "No, we're cirque de soleil people, that's a big step up." All righty. Works for me.

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