Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Hour and Forty Minutes Of My Life Wasted

Last night Saige was at a sleepover (as usual) and we decided to take Chase to a movie. My friend Lisa and her husband Dave and their three boys went too. Now, I wanted to see Horton Hears A Who. I mean, who doesn't love a good old Dr. Seuss movie? And Jim Carey, come on. He's funny. But no, they wanted to see Be Kind Rewind. Now this movie was showcased at Sundance. I actually talked to a couple people while we in Utah who saw it and said how awesome it was. It never really looked that great to me but okay. So, last night Marc literally races home from work. We are in the car in the driveway waiting for him and we rush to the movie with Marc still in his suit.To add insult to injury it turns out that that popcorn and a humongous soda would be his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Poor thing. We are walking into the movie and I mention to Lisa that it had been at Sundance and a little look of fear sweeps across her face. Five minutes in I thinking, "This is gonna suck." I whisper to Lisa, "I hate this movie already." She nods. "It scared me when you said it was in Sundance." she said. Now that made me laugh. I say, "Let's go to the bathroom and rethink this plan." So she and I get up and walk out. We look around to see what else is playing around that time. There is one movie with Martin Lawrence that usually you would have to drag me to but at this point it looks wildly entertaining. We go back in to our big crew and no one seems to want to make a change. Fine. I do my normal shifting around. I whisper to Lisa. Discuss our upcoming vacation. I feel my phone vibrate. Oh good, a voicemail. I better go check it. That occupies me for ten minutes, checking it and calling back Kirsten. Okay only about 85 minutes left to go. When I get back to my seat I am playing with my phone and a txt message comes up. Yeah. It's Lisa's husband Dave. It says.. "I want to hang myself." This was funnier than the whole movie. We stuck it out though. I talked to anyone who would listen. I wished for my I Pod. My point is, don't waste your valuable time. Skip this one.

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