Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Make Me Laugh

I have to say in complete honesty that most of my friends are really funny. Funny in that way that when I am around them I laugh so hard that my stomach starts to hurt and I have tears streaming down my face and I feel like I'm ten and soon someones mom is going to shush me. I like it though. I think that's why they are my friends, I just like funny people. As I have stated before I like to be entertained. My friends have been amusing for as long as I can remember. Each one of them, in their own way makes me want to be around them. So many of them live far away, Florida, California, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Chicago and even Istanbul. You all know who you are. You who left me. It's okay, I just like to visit you. When I am not doing that I am busy being entertained by these strange but funny people who do live near me. One such person, pictured here is interesting. She comes off as really sweet and kind. Uh, no. Well, of course she is sweet and kind but she does have a biting wit. A real take no prisoners, I have zero tolerance for your nonsense wit. She can also obviously (as pictured) get me to do just about anything. She says, "jump," I say, "How high?" Which is funny because as Jen and Rachel can attest to, I am little mouse or brain. I make the plan. You guys just shut up and follow along. Isn't that how it supposed to work? Kirsten has her own set of rules. She thinks we can do something and it has to be tested out now. I, like big dumb mouse or pinky (from pinky and the brain- one is stupid the other's insane) just follow along. It is kind of fun though. Especially today. Everyone got here for yoga and I was in no mood to teach. Just having one of those days. I called Kirsten and said, "Pack up your music, you've got to teach today. And make it good. Don't bore me." (I still have that little mouse tendency). So like the good friend she is, she did. She banged out a killer class with Duncan moves and all. At the end was when I was instructed to climb up her like a jungle gym, wrap a foot around her neck and try to balance. Alright. Whatever. At that point I had gotten out of my bad mood. So thanks Kirsten. And thanks Lisa, who made me laugh so hard at lunch that people were staring at us. I think one of those moms did shush us. Who cares.


Anonymous said...

You'll always be Brain to me. Love ya, Rach

twist said...

Oh, dah-ling, you flatter me. I'm actually just scared of what might happen if I don't keep you entertained. Like, you might drink too much coffee, take over the class, and make me do 40 push-ups. You're very intimidating. (Zadie wants to know why you're holding up the wall.)