Thursday, March 27, 2008


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I don't think there is really anyway I can really express how hard Kirsten can make me laugh. It's funny because this morning I am feeling tired, like I didn't get enough sleep. My knee hurts from over running it and from ignoring the fact that it has hurt for a week. I overslept. I had to rush the kids. I am finding it hard to get moving. So as I am checking my e mail I am delighted to see one from Kirsten. The exact e mail is as follows
Good Morning, my dear.
I didn't want to do this on
your public. Please know that what I'm
about to say is with great love and respect in my
heart - sometimes friends just need to call each other
out about stuff. No more enabling. I've kept still
while you called Duncan original, creative, inventive
- even while describing MY moves. OK, whatever. But
now, his look. Come on. Have you stopped to ask
yourself why you're so drawn to him? Hellooo!?!?

At first, I didn't see the attachment she had included in the e mail and was laughing as I replied, "Of course, he's got your hair." She responded with, "Did you see the attachment? I think it's more than the hair." So I go back and see this picture she had attached. I mean come on, pure genius.
Thank you Kirsten, I feel better now. The twistedness(I know this isn't a word-deranged, is that better?)of your mind and John's (because I know he was taking the picture) literally brings me to my knees. I bow down to you. Sometimes it scares me that you are home schooling those kids. They are our future, remember that. Please listen to the song on the cd I gave you called Friends by Viv. A little verse here- "And I've, I've got good friends. That keep me live, when I feel dead." And then you might want to take a listen to the John Oszajca song. The first one on that cd. I'm not going to put the title here, I just don't have it in me to explain to the kids right now. And for anyone reading you must go to Itunes and check out John Oszajca, he's my new favorite.


Lisa Samuel said...

Kirsten, this made my day!! I always said Duncan scared me, but I may revisit that because you don't scare me, I just think you are cool. I appreciate your creativity in clearing up this matter!

twist said...

OK, I guess I don't really need an altar...your blog is flattering enough.