Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This picture is taken by my friend Ralph who is an amazing photographer. He told me I could borrow (steal) his photos off flickr and put them up here if I wanted to. So I did. I love this one. He took it at Longwood Gardens just last weekend. It makes me happy. Like spring is coming. I got to see him and two of my very best friends from college, Kathy and Jami last Sunday for dinner. It was wonderful. It always makes me feel so fortunate to see my faraway friends. It is amazing how you fall right back into place with them, no matter how much time has gone by. I feel like I revert back to whoever I was when I was with them all the time. These two are extra special because I pledged with them. We shared six weeks of constant togetherness. Awake all night. Trying to make it through the day. So, if you guys are reading this, I had a great time seeing you. Love you, mean it. Happy Easter.
From what seems like a million years ago. You still have great hair Kath. Is that a tick I see?


Meredith said...

That photo is absolutely lovely. You girls look like you've been out on the town all night. Did you know you can fix red eye in Picasa? Only if it's from the flash though.

Anonymous said...

That's not a tick... it's my enormous eyebrows... WOAH!!! how did i ever make friends back then? Not one person recommended tweezing, waxing, lazer call yourself friends... well I lived through it and it's 2008 (i think) and I own a pair of tweezers now... i still have big hair and i am so happy to still have you as a friend. You make me happy! and If I only had a scanner I can make you happy its the year 2008 too! LYMI!

Amy said...

Kathy, You were gorgeous then and your gorgeous now. Shut up. And I 'm sooooo glad you don't have a scanner. LYMI