Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Went to Florida and.......

all I got was this stupid henna tattoo.

So everybody parents differently. We kind of go with the idea that you plan good stuff but you don't tell until it's about to happen. That way, if something falls through there is no disappointment because no one knew it was going to happen anyway. My friend Lisa did not follow this ideal. She is from the school of blurt it out months in advance so you can be hassled until it hopefully happens. Which we all know, sometimes it just doesn't. Case and point, the dolphin swim. We had originally planned to go down to the keys for a couple days. At which point Lisa decided we should do the dolphin swim and told everyone. Well last week things changed around a bit and that was no longer our plan. So of course everyone is sad and feeling cheated so she comes up with another grand plan. This one is the alligator farm. She has been there and seems to know all about it. She gets everyone all revved up for it.She tells them about air boat rides and little alligators you can hold. She says they can eat dinner there. She makes it sound so great. We decide to go on our way home from South Beach because she says it's right in Miami. So, as we are leaving we decide directions might be helpful. She shows the guy the address and he says, "You're never gonna make it there this time of day. That's like an hour south of here." Uh oh. Disappointment number two. We are barely through telling them that this was not going to work out as she blurts out, "Well, maybe tomorrow (the day we fly out of there) we'll go to a waterpark." Waterpark? Are you crazy? I feel like yelling. First of all, um, we're leaving. Secondly, I don't know where a water park is and third, no. So, I shoot her a menacing look and then have to try and glaze over that. What do you think the first thing they asked this morning? "What time are we leaving for the water park?" Bitchy mom, that would be me at this point has to explain that I'm sorry. There is no water park. Todays activities will include the pool. That's a water park, right?

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