Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Half A Brain Between Them

This is what my friend Lisa says about her son Ethan and Chase. They are really good buddies that are kind of crazy together. Ya know that one kid you had as a friend that when you got together you just couldn't help riling each other up and usually getting in trouble. That's them. I can actually feel the energy shift when they are together. We just spent the last four days with my friend Lisa and Ethan and her two other boys, Adam and Ben in Florida. We had a good time. It was a whole lotta craziness because it was just her and I and five kids. Everywhere we went people felt the need to comment. "Is this a class trip?" "No, we're just idiots." Lisa would reply. We laughed the whole time and called the whole trip blog fodder. We seemed to get in trouble as a group in many places. We actually took them to South Beach and stayed in this little hotel that I love staying in when I am down there for yoga. It hadn't occured to me when I suggested it that it probably wasn't a place for five kids. Everytime we walked through the lobby people would stare at us. I, being somewhat unfriendly at times usually just didn't look at anyone. Lisa, who is very friendly told me she would smile at people and they would just stare at her like she was crazy. No smiles. Nothing. The funny thing is to that we are so short that we kind of fit in with them and at times we just looked like seven kids with two of them being really bitchy and a little better dressed than the rest. So I'm thinking now, maybe it's not just Chase and Ethan with a half a brain between them. Maybe it's Lisa and I too.

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