Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laughing in Yoga

Today Kirsten, Lisa and I went to a yoga workshop with one of my favorite teachers, Simon Park. As I have said before whenever I am with Kirsten and Lisa I tend to laugh a lot. There are times when, like a child, I can't even make eye contact with them because I know if I do I will not be able to stop laughing. Kirsten also has a tendency to whisper her observations which are always hilarious to me at any point of the class. She will also make faces, as does Lisa that just say everything. If they are not getting something they will look at me and I have to look away. So, it was getting towards the end of class and a man in shorts (do you see where this is going?) is doing a back bend and Simon is helping him somehow, I wasn't watching, but apparently Kirsten was and she leans over says, "That's asking a lot out of those shorts." So of course I had to look and then look away. At this point I already have that giggle feeling in me. So now it is time for savasana which is the ending of class where you lie still, usually for between five and ten minutes. So we are lying there. I am fine. Then this girl starts to make noises, they seem somewhat suspect at first. I am not sure what the hell to make of it, until it turns into a snore. A long drawn out snore. I swear, usually I can ignore this but for some reason it made me start to laugh, I am actually laughing now thinking about it. I could not stop laughing. I was shaking. Kirsten punched me. I tried to think of the most awful, sad things I could think of but it wouldn't stop. I guess Simon heard me because he started queuing everyone out of savasana. I had to turn on my side and put my head in my mat. Kirsten hits me again. I felt awful but it was so funny. As the class ended in five Om's I had my hair in front of my face and just silently shook with laughter. I think it was a good class. Or I am really five years old. Not sure which.

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