Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boat Pose, Some Turkey, and I'm Not Gonna Die (Just yet)

So Lisa and I trucked our way up to New York. Flew up here 1.45 and we were parking to go into yoga. The teacher we expected wasn't there but it was a great class. So, yoga girls, slight WARNING, 3 minute song to boat pose. Don't worry though, I'll make sure I can do it before I make you. It's not easy. I liked it though. It's not just Axl anymore my friends.
Then sushi. Sushi and wine. Yum.
Oh, and on the way to my brothers apartment Lisa made me go into a tarot card reader. I remember years and years ago when my two friends Megan and Laura and I went to NYC with Megan's mom. We were like 13. For some reason her mom let us go on our own for a while. The details are all sketchy (because my memory is poor at best) but I remember her mom saying, "No eye contact!" So of course we had to make eye contact with everyone we passed. Then Megan decided she wanted to get a palm reading. It was very quick and she spent her only twenty dollar bill and said, "Just don't tell my mom." Slightly scam like. Let me say though, my reading was great. Within five minutes she told me exactly who I was, down to a t, or a tee(?) or not tea, right (?) that would be stupid. Also, rest assured friends, I won't be dying when I sky dive. She told me it will make me live longer. It will encourage my kids to take chances and not to be afraid. She said it's a good thing. I believe her. Never mind the whole place smelled like Thanksgiving dinner. It was somewhat unsettling for some reason, plus it was making me hungry again. We sat at a dining room table near a half finished red laquer kitchen. When I had to use the rest room some guy who was working there switched the handle on the door, couldn't get it to stay, then told me not to worry, he'd hold the door for me. Hmmm.... how 'bout that? I really had to go though so I said, "OK." When I came out Lisa looked at me like it was time to get the hell outta there. I had more to listen to though. So I sat, smelled their dinner, let her read my palm and decided I should probably come back today for a little more info. And don't call me narcissistic Kirsten, I'm only thinking of you, if I didn't check on my life span and things went sour (or down) who would you do yoga with? Who?

Now I am here waiting for cyberfriendmeredith to get downtown. She's here in NY, staying in the same hotel as Posh and Becks and she saw them on the way in. Fun.


Kathy S. said...

First, I'm sailing on Tuesday. Can I count those hours towards my boat pose on Wednesday?

Second, I know the cards give sky diving a green light, but just in case, can I have Lisa if things, you know....?

Third, is it a compliment to your blog or a horribly pathetic statement about my own life that I am the first to comment on a Sat. Afternoon? (See, I really do need Lisa....)

Have a great time. I'm off to an outdoor wedding (yes, outdoors) this evening. The newly weds will be dancing to "Rain drops keep falling on my head".

Anonymous said...

Have fun baby.Tell cyberfriend I said hello.


twist said...

Honey, there is NO ONE else. Love ya. V jealous that you're doing, sushi, psychic, the whole thing. Tricks when you're back?

Amy said...

Kathy, I'm sorry, those sailing hours don't count to boat pose, but I will take 30 seconds off for you being the first person to comment. :)

Me, thanks baby. Love you.

Kirsten, Of course their are tricks, new vinyasa and a really fun move. I just hope to remember. It was Edward. Remember him?

Simple Answer said...

I'm not supposed to make eye contact here. Which means I can't help myself and I make eye contact with everyone. I sooo get ya there.

Can we see pix of you sky diving? If not? Can we see pix of the boat pose?

Aimeepalooza said...

I think palm lady was right. I jumped out of a plane and it changed my life!

Lisa Samuel said...

thank god I didn't have to go to the bathroom, you forgot to tell me that-- PS: These people told me they come from a long line of Russian spiritualists. 11 generations! Do you believe them? I"ll go with yes----